The Rolex Yachtmaster 16622 – Beauty Is Everything

Having worked in the fashion industry for 10+ years, my viewpoint regarding style is that appearance will always precede practicality. While I do care about the watch on my wrist, it’s not because of its intricate movements or meticulous assembly, it’s because of how it looks. As the old saying goes: “A man is the watch that he wears.” If we take that to heart, a man should feel nothing short of absolute confidence in the watch he chooses to wear.

Not everyone that owns or is looking to own a Rolex watch has an unlimited supply of resources. Sure, there are different types of Rolex watches that work better for different occasions and with different outfits, but if you are a millennial like me who wants the glamour of owning a luxury watch, but is not that big of a watch enthusiast to own several, which do you go for?

Rolex Yachtmaster 16622
Rolex Yachtmaster

The answer to me is simple. The Rolex Yachtmaster 16622. The Yachtmaster was first introduced in 1992 but the Rolesium (which is what Rolex calls the stainless steel and platinum finish) was not released until 1997. Seeing that the Yachtmaster is all stainless steel (aside from the platinum bezel) and has a silver-colored face, the Yachtmaster 16622 matches with everything. Take if from a fashion enthusiast, grey and silver tones always work. It doesn’t matter whether you are dressed up in a black suit or if you are sporting floral shorts and boat shoes in earth-toned outfits, or even if you are a fashionisto in your best runway look – grey tones match with everything.

The Yachtmaster 16622 featuring its signature platinum bezel, with enlarged, raised numbers, is absolutely stunning. When the first Yachtmaster debuted in 1992, it did not quite catch on with the watch community. It was not until the Yachtmaster 16622 came out that it really began to grab the attention of the public. It has continued to increase in popularity every year to the point where supply can’t keep up with demand. It is a bold watch that stands out from some of the other popular Rolex models. It’s stylish in it’s own unique way, and shines beautifully. From the perspective of style, there just isn’t another Rolex that is as diverse as the 16622.