Meet The Youngest Master Watch Repair Apprentice

ARTICLE DATE 07/10/2013

Meet The Youngest Master Watch Repair Apprentice

At 10 years old, he may be the youngest master watch repair apprentice today. When Rolando moved from Spain to Miami with his grandmother, his adoptive grandfather Cesar Yabor took him under his wing to teach him the secrets of watchmaking.

Cesar has been a Master Watchmaker for Gray & Sons Jewelers for the past 25 years and we were excited to provide the facility for Rolando’s training. And to ensure Rolando’s training is fully-dimensional and complete, we provided a second Master Watchmaker, Osvaldo Matos who has been with Gray & Sons for eight years.

According to Gray & Sons CEO Keith Gray, “Rolando has shown wonderful curiosity and understanding of mechanical watches. He has natural hand-eye coordination for the micro technical work and concentration necessary to be a master watchmaker.”

Gray & Sons is proud to foster the Master Watchmaking apprenticeship of 10-year-old Rolando, a Spanish born watchmaking prodigy. We are excited to watch Rolando develop his skills.

To honor him and show our support, we created a wonderful short film describing Rolando’s apprenticeship at Gray & Sons.