Breguet Heritage Watch Repair in Miami, FL

Breguet Client Watch Repairs

Good day Cecilia D.,

We would first like to thank you for choosing Gray and Sons as your local repair center for your Breguet Heritage. As part of our repair experience we like to share a quick look inside the watch with all our clients. This picture shows your movement completely disassembled before proceeding to our 4-step ultrasonic cleaning machine. During this step the movement will be cleaned and rinsed using a combination of 3 different solutions and powerful ultrasonic vibrations. This ensures the removal of old lubricants and any contaminants. Once this process is finished, the movement will be reassembled by our Swiss trained master watchmakers with the help of precision tools and sophisticated timing computers.

We will perform final regulations as well as an automatic test to ensure that your watch's winding system is working up to manufacturer standards. After a thorough quality control process, your watch will be ready to be returned to you calibrated and water tested. Included with your repair will be a one year warranty on the performance of your movement.

I hope that you enjoy this experience looking at the components that make your watch run and keep time. We are happy to share this things with our clients to their experience with us one of a kind.

If you have any questions, please contact us directly. We will be happy to serve as your contact for all repairs, purchase, sale, consignment or trade needs.

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Miami Watch Repairs by Gray and Sons Jewelers

How to Repair Your Watch with Gray & Sons Jewelers

We offer our watch repair services locally in South Florida (Miami, Miami Beach, Surfside, Bal Harbour, Fort Lauderdale, and West Palm Beach), nationally as well as internationally with our Easy Ship Box Option.

Local Repairs

Come visit our showroom and let us evaluate your watch. Our Swiss-trained watchmakers are among the best in the United States and we just happen to be located on Miami Beach. We will provide you an estimate before beginning any work.

National Repairs

To accommodate customers across the United States who complete repairs with us, we devised the Easy Ship Box as the fastest and most convenient way to send sensitive luxury items. This allows you to receive our state of the art services anywhere in the country, so you never compromise on the care your watch rightfully deserves.