We Are Open Starting Monday - May 18th, 2020

Important Information

Buying Selling and Repairing Available!

If you are in South Florida, Our showroom is open starting May 18th, 2020 10am - 5pm.

For inquiries please contact your concierge specialist or one of the numbers below.

Rich Finlinson


Sales/Website Inquiries

Phone 800.918.2608

Email rich@grayandsons.com

Jackie March


Sales/Local Appointments

Phone 305 .865.0999

Email jackie@grayandsons.com

Victoria Peshkur


Sales/Catalog Inquiries

Phone 800.705.1112

Email viktoria@grayandsons.com

Joshua Diaz


Buying & Consignment

Phone 305.770.6955

Email joshua@grayandsons.com

We are buying and repairing! Clients that are interested in sending in items, Ship Only U.S. Post Office Registered Mail and Insured.

Please ship to the address below:
9595 Harding Avenue
Surfside, FL 33154

* If you are sending in items to sell or repair please use US/ Postal Service Insured and Registered Mail. Do not use UPS or FedEx until further notice to ship in packages.

* Finished repair shipments can be arranged and should ship April 30th or sooner.

* For watch and jewelry sales please contact your sales rep or one of the numbers above. All inventory is live and ready to ship.

Visit www.grayandsons.com


Watch Repairs will continue to be worked on by our watchmakers and finished work will be safely stored in insured vaults. As always we will call, text and email you when possible.

Please stay safe and we send everyone best wishes during this time.