Designing a Custom 18k Yellow Gold Money Clip

18k Money Clip Design and Making

Gray and Sons is constantly on the cutting edge of jewelry innovations. With a staff of creative minds collaborating together to bring South Florida some of the most elegant and sought after jewelry pieces clients have come to expect from our Miami Beach showroom. We recently undertook a project with an aging inventory piece we believed could be enhanced and appeal greatly to our clientele. We wanted to restore life to an 18k yellow gold Anchor pendant with a center diamond set stone. After some deliberation among our staff and in-house Jeweler, we came up with a great idea to create a money clip with the dependant as the centerpiece of this project. Let us dive into the process of this unique accessory Gray and Sons will forge from start to finish.

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Here at Gray and Sons we have five in-house watchmakers and jewelers with over 150 years of experience servicing our surrounding areas of Fort Lauderdale, Coral Gables and Palm Beach County. This experience served crucial in the creation of this beautiful jewelry accessory. We begin with accumulating scrap gold which is purchased on a daily basis through our showroom from clients seeking the best deal on their precious metals. The project required the equal quality of gold the pendant provided to maintain the integrity of the piece. Once gathered, 18k yellow gold would first need to be melted to provide a raw ingot for the base mold of our piece. The gold is placed in a ceramic crucible where it will be heated to nearly 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit. The jeweler uses borax while heating the metal to reduce the temperature required for melting all the gold completely. Once the gold has reached a liquid state, it is carefully poured into an ingot mold to form a bar of gold which will be cooled and harden.

The bar is then soaked in acid to remove impurities and some of the borak left behind during the melting process. Once cleaned and polished the bar is prepared to be flattened in a rolling mill. This machinery is precisely calibrated to thin the bar out to its desired measurement with each turn. This process is repeated several times to be within millimeters of the requested thickness of your piece.

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Once the required measurement is met our jeweler begins his cutting and molding procedure to meet the exact measurement for our anchor pendant onto our money clip. The money clip has dimensions of 56.4 MM length and 28.7 MM width completely flat. From this point, the flatten and polished piece is placed into a vice where our jeweler uses a steel cylinder punch to manipulate the gold and create the fold over that will create the springiness for the tension of the money clip. This takes an immense amount of patience by the jeweler to not overextend the metal and distort this nearly completed jewelry accessory. We took the anchor and polished it to return it's luster for an added pop to this money clip. We decided to enlarge the center diamond and replaced it with a GIA certified .47 carat stone with J color and SI2 clarity placed in a white gold setting. The pendant is soldered onto the clip and cleaned for a final pass of our quality control. Gray and Sons are always interested in the creation of all types of jewelry for the public and would love to take on your next project.

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