Diamonds are Forever

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At Gray & Sons Jewelers, Our Commitment To Diamonds Runs Deep

You may have heard about a new trend in diamonds, manmade diamonds. Chemists, with the help of technology, have formulated diamonds in the lab to create gems that are almost indistinguishable from naturally mined stones. These synthetic stones sparkle and shine like real diamonds, and are just as hard. In fact, from the naked eye, it’s nearly impossible to tell them apart.

However, we guarantee that all of the diamonds at Gray & Sons Jewelers are the real deal, with provenances dating back millions of years. How can we promise this? Because all of our diamonds are GIA certified, and the Gemological Institute of America is the gold standard of gemstone authentication, origin and cut-color-clarity certification. Included in their verification process, the GIA distinguishes between manmade, clarity- enhanced and natural [real] diamonds.They have three experts evaluate every stone and each diamond is graded separately. They all have to agree before they classify the diamond. At the end of the process, they give each diamond a certificate number. Gray & Sons pays extra to have that certificate number laser inscribed on the diamond, thereby ensuring its identification, authenticity and pedigree.

Each diamond we buy goes through this certification process. We take these additional steps because we want to grow a business relationship based on trust. We want repeat and referral business. We want to advocate for our customers. In fact, two of our employees are GIA-certified gemologists. They took it upon themselves to get this education because they wanted to be able to talk intelligently about gemstones and share their passion and love with their clients and friends. Many of our diamonds are also given “makeovers.” Before being certified, the diamonds we purchase from our clients are reworked by a diamond cutter, who uses the latest technology to repolish and recut the stone to get maximum brilliance out of it. After all, the reason why you’re giving a natural and original diamond to the one you love, the reason why she’s wearing it, or the reason why she bought it for herself, is because it stands for eternal love and will make memories that will withstand the test of time.