Royal Oak Offshore

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The Royal Oak Offshore was designed to hearken to timepiece styles from the 1970s, so as to commemorate Audemars Piguet creating the first luxury sports watch and changing the market. It was first released in 1992, on the Royal Oak’s twentieth anniversary. The Offshore, as a result, is designed for the determined adventurer. 


Go out and seize the day when you wear the Royal Oak Offshore, from climbing the highest mountain to diving to the deepest coral reefs. The right watch can help you navigate with ease and never lose track of time.   

Pre-Owned Audemars Piguet Offshore Watches

At Gray & Sons, we sell several of our AP Royal Oak watches at a discount. Save up to more than fifty percent on select pieces. You can also set up a monthly installment plan, paying as little as nineteen dollars a month. 


In addition, you get a great deal on maintenance. Use our twelve-month warranty on select pieces, to ensure that you have access to repair and polishing services. Our in-house watch experts will verify all of the watches as genuine.                                                  


This iteration of the Bumblebee speaks to the innovation of Audemars Piguet. It has the trademark bezels and a 42 mm face made of durable carbon fiber. This watch also has a hand-stitched alligator strap and a titanium clasp. You get long-lasting materials merged into one timepiece. 


How about if the watch strap wears out over time? You can replace it with an AP offshore strap, by having a specialist attach the rubber to the stainless steel watch face and bezels. It’s a great way to add years of life to your watch by making such a simple replacement. In addition, stocking up on these can ensure that you’re prepared for possible wear and tear. 


Consider this strap for the AP Royal Oak Offshore Watch. The rubber is dyed navy blue, to add a dark contrast to the face. It is designed for a Tang buckle and is easy to attach. Simply purchase and have a specialist make the appropriate replacement. 


Why is a vintage watch better than a brand new one from Audemars Piguet? The reason is that you can own styles that have since gone out of fashion. You can always get a brand-new AP watch from their stores, dealers or outlets; it is quite different to get one from even a few years ago, let alone from the 1990s. 


At the time, the AP Royal Offshore watches, in particular, were considered oversized with 42-millimeter faces. Now that other luxury brands have imitated the style to match the same face size, it seems quaint that once people considered the Royal Oak Offshore too large for its purpose. Potential patrons nicknamed it the “Beast,” as a matter of fact. 


If you want to try to get the rarest Offshore watches, then the first hundred were released without the engraving “Offshore” on the back. This was because AP was worried about how the public would receive the new design, and was waiting to see the response. Now, these first hundred models are highly sought after for the initial discrepancies. We would be very interested in locating one of these watches, for history.                                 


There are 120 styles of the Royal Offshore Watch. You can choose from different designs depending on your lifestyle and preferences, especially if you are a regular athlete. 


Some have dive limits of several hundred meters. Others are meant for manual winding if you like to take the time to sit and ponder life while fixing the time. You can also show this off for the status symbol.


Royal Oak Offshore styles include the Bumblebee, the Self-Winding Chronograph, and the Tourbillon. The Tourbillon is designed for aesthetics, and to set a unique style. 


One benefit of the self-winding is that the watch does not require a human to correct the time, which will save on effort. This is also useful if you do a lot of physical activities; no one wants to wind their watch at the bottom of the ocean. Find one perfectly suited to your lifestyle.  

How The Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore Changed Sports Watches

Audemars Piguet is a company that is dedicated to creating high-quality timepieces. They use modern technology to ensure that little to no dust enters the facilities in which the watches are made. The workshops maintain a relatively high pressure of air to ensure that the dust is pushed out and that the watchmakers can assemble all of the pieces. 


In addition to refining the workplace, Audemars Piguet also believes in technological and societal innovation. The Royal Oak threw tradition out of the window by breaking the barrier between sports and luxury watches. Those who deep-dive, run or play tennis deserved the same high-quality materials and attention to detail that came from standard status symbols.                    

Find AP Royal Oak Offshore And Other Luxury Watches At Gray & Sons

Gray & Sons has spent years buying and reselling vintage jewelry. Our goal is to preserve pieces of history so that our customers may enjoy them. You deserve access to the best luxury jewelry that high-end companies have discontinued to made rare. We also verify each piece with our in-house experts, and you can come to our Miami Beach location to see watches, necklaces and more in person.  



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