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Founded by master watchmaker and visionary Gerd-Rudiger in 1970, Chronoswiss has evolved into a reputable luxury brand that has laid the foundation for a mechanical renaissance. Notorious for their distinctive and cutting edge designs, it is details like their signature onion shaped crown that has set a new trend in watchmaking. Chronoswiss are sticklers for quality, and they successfully perpetuate the ideal of excellence that is associated with the tag “Swiss Made”. Sourcing components from only select Swiss suppliers, durability and quality are what the company strive for in all of their watches. Paying attention to the minutest of details is what keeps Chronoswiss watches ticking long after most others stop.

Buy Pre-owned Chronoswiss Watches

Today, Gray and Sons is proud to be associated as a leading retailer of the globally recognized brand, Chronoswiss. Their diehard fan following can rest easy knowing that we are the premiere source for anyone looking to buy a preowned Chronoswiss watch, and we even include a 12 month warranty to help further defend that claim. As if that wasn’t enough, annual polishing is on the house thanks to our trademark “Like New for Life” policy, as long as you bring in your lightly used Chronoswiss watch for routine maintenance. We like to be on the frontline of industry innovation, much like Chronoswiss, so buy with confidence knowing that over 150 years of combined horological experience is at your disposal.

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