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The Gevril watch company has had its fair share of ebbs and flows, but that shouldn’t be a surprise for a company that has been operating since the late 1700’s. Once a highly esteemed Swiss made brand during its peak, it slowly started to fade away into relative obscurity as more prominent luxury watch brands began to rise over the years. They are a resilient company however, making a modern day resurgence as a result of a shift in ownership in 2001, which has catapulted the name Gevril once again into the conversation of masterfully crafted timepieces.

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The experts of Gray & Sons value the sense of tradition that owning a Gevril watch provides. Our collection includes certified authentic, lightly used Gevril watches that have been thoroughly evaluated, serviced, and polished by our in-house Swiss trained watchmakers. All of our pre-owned Gevril watch purchases come with our 12-month warranty and “Like New for Life” policy. It is our company belief that your secondhand Gevril watch should last as long as you do and we spare no effort in our after sale customer service to deliver on that notion.

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