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Sassoun Sirmakes is a young entrepreneur and at 25 years old is the co-founder and chief executive of Cvstos. He was brought into the world of sophisticated watchmaking by spending his summers and weekends beside his father Vartan Sirmakes who is the co-owner and chairman of Franc Muller. After working for his father, he decided to branch out and create Cvstos. This innovative watchmaking brand is the outcome of an original concept that defines and illustrates Sirmakes very own philosophy of life which is always being a step ahead of time. Many people consider preowned Cvstos watches, used Cvstos watches & second hand Cvstos watches all the same, but a Gray & Sons Cvstos watch is something different altogether. All our Cvstos timepieces are serviced and polished to like new condition and come with our twelve month warranty and "Like New for Life" policy. Our after sales service commitment is second to none in the world, backed by our six in house Swiss-trained watchmakers and jewelers.