Omega Speedmaster

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Whether you prefer to stand out from the crowd or want something that offers a more metered subdued look, an Omega Speedmaster is the perfect watch. At Gray & Sons, we've been working to connect people with certified pre-owned timepieces for decades. Since 1980, we've done our best to offer excellent deals on countless designs, but it's the Omega Speedmaster that always seems to attract a following regardless of what trends the rest of the fashion world might be beholden to.


Those who are interested in starting their own collection certainly have a multitude of styles to pick from within the Speedmaster collection. Gray & Sons have spent years finding the rarest models, to ensure that they are preserved and available to interested customers. You can see each of our wares at the Gray & Sons Miami Beach shop, where our artisans will display them at your request. 


In addition, we offer a twelve-month warranty with repairs and polishing services on each of our watches. Get your watches working in prime condition, with a guarantee on your purchases.

Pre-owned Speedmaster Watch Models

Anyone who claims that you can't have an elegant auto watch hasn’t ever seen an 18k silver dial Omega Speedster before. This is certainly one of the most classy yet functional watches produced in its price range ever, and it's attracted quite a following from those in the sporting community. Whether you plan on wearing your watch out on an adventure or simply like the style for a night out, this is an ideal pre-owned watch for any number of occasions.


This watch is made of 18K yellow gold, with a leather alligator strap. A silver dial makes up the face, and the deploy buckle is also made of 18K gold. You will be wearing a pinnacle of luxury when donning this watch. 


It's this all-occasion elegance that's continued to keep people coming back for more, but it's also the history. Consider the so-called Moon Watch. While it might seem far-fetched, Omega Speedsters were selected as the first watches to travel to another place in our solar system when they were used in connection with the Apollo 11 mission, and Omega has continued to market watches based on this story for years.


The moon watch is made of durable but fashionable stainless steel. Our selection dates from the 1960s when the Space Race started to gather speed. It also has seventeen jewels and tachymeter bezel to add some glamour to the practicality. 


Any of these should prove to be an excellent conversation piece. You would wear a piece of history when donning one of the two watches. The Moon Watch, in particular, was designed to handle the stresses out outer space and maintains the practical designs. 

Pre-Owned Omega Speedmaster Professional


The Speedmaster Professional is a watch meant for the inner athlete. It combines the necessities of the modern sports player with the materials and design of luxury watches. You can walk, run, or even play polo with this timepiece. 


Stainless steel Speedmasters have quite a striking appearance to them that's helped ensure they earn their title of professional. No matter what particular field you may work in, they might certainly prove to be the most professional watches you've ever owned.


Our best Speedmaster is made with 18K rose gold and stainless steel and comes with the original box and papers. You can verify that it is a genuine Omega. It dates from the 2010s but has a timeless look. 


Speaking of trained professionals, that's what all of our Swiss-trained watch technicians are. Regardless of what kind of repairs are needed, they only ever use manufacturer-certified components to ensure complete authenticity. Recently, there have been a number of reports of people being unable to authenticate the fashionable things they acquired online. That can prove to be problematic with vintage material. 


Fortunately, we'll be able to get you 100 percent authentic certified gear no matter how obscure the type of Omega Speedmaster is you're looking for, thanks to our artisans and dealers scouring the market. Trust us to find exactly the Omega that strikes your fancy. 


Used Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch

Certainly there's no watch that's generated the kind of buzz in the industry that the so-called Moon Watch has. That's not a bad thing either; no other company has the claim to fame that Omega does. Very few people have the opportunity to visit the moon after all, which means that even few watches have had that chance. That means this is one of the few chances, if not the only, to get a watch that isn't all that different from what you might expect that a genuine astronaut might wear. If nothing else, then you'll certainly have an interesting piece to show off at parties considering that it's highly doubtful anybody is going to be wearing the same jaw-dropping watch that you are.


Best of all, you'll get your preferred watch at a price that's every bit as out of this world as the unusual story behind it.


Find Used Omega Speedmaster Watches At gray & Sons For Low Prices

We're able to offer authentic Omega Speedmaster watches at a price that's far below what they'd normally go for because our representatives are always sure to find the best deals when they're scouring the world for rare watches and pieces of jewelry. Gray & Sons then pass on the savings to each of our loyal customers, so you'll be able to enjoy a watch that you might never otherwise have the opportunity to own.

Don't wait until someone else snatches up one of these rare gems. Contact us online today and let one of our experienced representatives hook you up with a watch that you'll cherish for a lifetime. Gray & Sons is ready to match you with the timepiece of your dreams.