GIA Diamond Rings

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Any of the GIA certified diamonds you see here can be sold in the setting as it is shown or for a lower price if you want to just buy the loose diamond. We can also change the setting if you are in love with the diamond but would prefer a different setting. Call us for price quote and details.


GIA Diamond Rings

Gray & Sons diamonds are not the same as everybody else's. Our GIA diamond rings start with raw diamonds that we send out to our diamond cutter to maximize it’s cut, clarity, polish, proportions, and brilliance. We then send the diamonds to the Gemological Institute of America for authentication purposes and so that every one of our diamond rings can be evaluated for quality.

In addition to their certificate of quality, we ensure peace of mind comes with every GIA diamond ring purchase because we also laser inscribe the unique certificate number, it’s pedigree, on every diamond that we sell. This is to show that our diamonds are indeed one of those diamonds full of mystique and history that can only come from being in the ground for millions of years, and not one of those diamonds born in a laboratory that were made in a week or two.

Buy GIA Certified Diamond Rings

The certificate is the gold standard. GIA sets the bar and everybody else follows. That is why we have all our diamonds GIA certified; to give our customers peace of mind. For the love we share, for the commitment we have, and for the investment we make, our GIA certified diamond rings and Gray & Sons, are forever at your service. We also cater to those looking to sell their GIA diamond rings and offer significantly more than other options in the market. As a purveyor of fine luxury goods since 1980, our company philosophy revolves around authenticity and hence we are willing to pay a highly competitive price for your quality diamonds. Sell your GIA diamond rings for more by coming to us for all of your diamond ring needs.

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