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GIA Loose Diamonds

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Popping the big question and giving the diamond engagement ring is one of the most precious and life-altering experiences that any individual can go through. While most of us look forward to that day happening, anyone that has done it before would tell you that it could also be quite daunting. The key to having a memorable proposal is preparation. Timing, location, and atmosphere are all big things to consider (aside from the other person of course) but nothing will leave more of an impression than the diamond itself. The perfect diamond engagement ring will make time stop still and have everyone at a loss for words. The diamond is the single most important factor that you do not want to make any compromises on, and GIA certified loose diamonds are just what you need to guarantee yourself the “I do.”

Even if you are beyond the engagement stage, GIA diamonds are the only diamonds you should be looking for when shopping for diamond jewelry. Whether it’s an engagement ring, stud earrings, or bracelets, GIA certified loose diamonds are the best that your money can buy.

Buy GIA Certified Diamonds

How does a certified GIA loose diamond differentiate from a standard diamond? Any diamond that has an accompanying GIA certificate simply means that it has been authenticated, proven natural, and graded against the 4 big C’s of diamond quality. Color, Clarity, Cut, and Carat weight are the determining factors that gauge a diamond’s true quality and value and serve as the best method to compare and evaluate a diamond’s unique attributes.

Gray & Sons will never sell a diamond without getting it professionally certified by the experts at the Gemological Institute of America. A GIA certificate accompanies all of our GIA certified diamonds, including our collection of GIA loose diamonds, GIA diamond stud earrings, and all other GIA diamond jewelry that we sell. We also offer consignment options for those looking to sell GIA loose diamond stones. Call us today or send us an email to receive a free diamond quote and to get assistance from one of our accredited Gemologists.

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