Used Bvlgari Jewelry

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Browse our selection of vintage Bvlgari jewelry. All of these pieces are vintage and represent the brand with style. See which discounts appeal to you; some are more than fifty percent off the original price which is great for you the buyer. You can see if you like the hard-to-find Parentesi items, which are designed to emulate the interlocking Roman roads, with appropriate linking metal pieces and grooves. 

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Bvlgari Jewelry

Each of our wares is covered under an Affirm payment plan. You can come to our Miami Beach shop to see any of them in person. We have a team of experts that will verify each item as authentic. Feel free to make an offer on any that you like and set up monthly installments on more expensive wares. 


Take, for example, this Bvlgari bracelet: the Parentesi Snake band in 18k & stainless steel. Snakes are seductive and mysterious as the symbol of Hermes, the Greek god of messengers and medicine and whom the Romans knew as Mercury. The steel links remind one of the serpent scales, with the two ends for the head and tail. It’s a versatile bracelet that you can wear for various occasions, from the office to the nightclub. You can also show off your faith in good communication and the power of precious metals. 

Used Bvlgari Jewelry

Bvlgari Earrings

The company has an annual policy to release matching earrings to go with their engagement rings and other set pieces. This means that previous sets become discontinued, and as a result, are hard to find. Fortunately, you can find vintage pieces that you like here at Gray & Sons. 


One example would be this set with pave diamonds, to match their pave logo rings. The Piramide set consists of white gold studs. There are also 1.52 carats worth of diamonds, arranged in a floral pattern. If you want them to stand alone, then they are also good for daily wear. 


If you prefer some color in your studs, try out these Bvlgari earrings with blue topaz mixed with gold. They come in a genuine Bvlgari box so that you can verify the authenticity. Yellow and gold at 18K frame the blue stones, creating a vivid texture. The contrast will play nicely against your ears when you want to add some royal colors to your wardrobe. 

Bvlgari Rings

If you want a unique ring to gift to someone else, or for making an engagement official, then this brand has your back. They are also a long-term investment for when you want to add vintage jewelry to the family assets. Ask if you want any ring sized larger or smaller, depending on the hand size involved. Match them with any of our vintage earring sets if you want to gift them accordingly. 


One example that is a classic standard is the Bvlgari platinum ring. It is simple and made of 5.5 pennyweights worth of the precious material. These are great for when you are renewing vows or celebrating an anniversary. You will be promising that, like platinum, your bond will last forever. It also is a nice graduation gift to a student with a bright future. 


If you prefer a ring with proper diamonds, then try out the B Zero 1 Diamond Ring with 18K white gold serving as the band. Tiny precious stones dot the ring in alternating patterns so that it will sparkle and show a nice contrast. 


For a ring that definitely shows off the Bvlgari logo and brand, try out the Monologo design. We recommend giving this as a gift to someone you love, due to how the Bvlgari name is spelled out in tiny diamonds. White gold makes up the band and shows off its best qualities. The diamonds blend together to make a glittering whole. It will look photogenically appealing and light up your finger.

Bvlgari Necklaces

Bvlgari necklaces hearken back to ancient Rome, and how the artisans of the time found different ways to play with metal. Wear one of these necklaces and feel like a consul, advising the Senate. 


The Astrale Cerchi necklace is one such example that measures at eighteen inches while designed like an array of Roman medallions. It carries .67 karat worth of clarity diamonds and 18k worth of white gold. Imagine royalty wearing this or offering such a necklace to the gods. 


Fluid Geometric Motifs Evoking Roman History

Originating in Rome, Bvlgari was founded as a jewelry shop in 1884 by Greek silversmith Sotirio Bulgari. With passionate skill and vision, he set the stage for Bvlgari to become a permanent emblem of Italian excellence. The trick was to dive into the country’s history and emulate its empire days. Ancient Rome brought many artistic antiquities to modern civilization. Jewelry was one such facet.


Built on a legacy of 2,700 years of Roman history, this design house puts a high premium on adding modern flourishes for exciting designs. Their highly sought after Bvlgari jewelry designs display a penchant for bold color and an adventurous take on high-concept fashion. Today’s trendsetters will take the world by storm by wearing one of their pieces


The popularity of this design house has achieved with jewelry aficionados is not to be confused as chasing trends. Every piece crafted by Bvlgari features a distinct styling all their own which is evident in the instantly recognizable elements. These elements include an appreciation for linearity coupled with a reverence for Greek and Roman architecture. 


Each item walks the fine line between classic yet contemporary with absolute ease. As a result, Bvlgari upholds its legacy while creating some of the most exquisite pieces on the scene. With our selection of pre-owned Bvlgari jewelry, bring this legacy to your personal collection.


This design house creates modern pieces of jewelry of exceptionally high standards. They make sure every stone Nevertheless, their deeply rooted history is evident in several ways. For example, their flagship location is a cultural icon of its own merit since opening in 1934. 


The flagship is situated at the prestigious Via Dei Condotti, leading up to the Spanish Steps. Managers brought an unmatched vision of luxury sought after by the world’s elite. Soon after, the location at Via Dei Condotti flagship store became a social hotspot. International artists, writers, and actors would purchase wares during the “Dolce Vita” years of the 1950s-60s. 


High profile clients like Elizabeth Taylor and Audrey Hepburn became ardent collectors of their luxurious pieces. Bvlgari designs became a highly sought-after symbol of status and refined taste. From their highly collectible authentic Greek and Roman coins first introduced by heir Nicola Bulgari in the Dolce Vita era to the modern flourishes of today’s styles playing on new trends without pandering to them, Rome remains the aesthetic reference for Bvlgari. The former Empire boasts a spectacular architectural backdrop. 


Bulgari’s ceaseless creativity, formidable history of innovation and a bold pioneering spirit led the jewelry house to become a legend. Their standing has never decreased as their designs continue to excite and invigorate still today. Acquire a piece with their signature opulence, use of volume, and rich colors evident in every piece.

Find Your Bvlgari Jewelry At Gray & Sons


Here at Gray & Sons Jewelers, we offer pre-owned Bvlgari rings, second hand earrings, and cufflinks in various metal and gemstone options. We scour vintage jewelry to find rare items, to deliver a history to our customers. Our selection of pre-owned Bvlgari jewelry features their signature commitment to luxury. We will also provide proof of authenticity, and purchase items at fair prices from interested individuals. 

If you have any questions regarding any of these exceptionally crafted luxury designs, please contact one of our representatives for assistance. Select your elegant elements such as platinum, 18k white or yellow gold or diamonds. Colorful precious stones include blue topaz, green peridot, pink tourmaline, amethyst, or citrine quartz. With our selections, find Bvlgari jewelry to add some upper echelon luxury to your personal collection.