David Yurman Jewelry

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David Yurman Jewelry

Long before David Yurman became a jewelry designer, he was interested in many different creative pursuits. When he was merely 16, he learned difficult welding techniques from a highly skilled professional sculptor/welder, Ernesto Gonzales, who saw the raw untapped talent that the young Yurman possessed. He would later go on to teach him several complicated direct welding techniques that would later prove to be the catalyst of success for the renowned designer we know today.

It wasn’t until 1980 when he finally set up a shop, appropriately named The David Yurman Jewelry Company. Shortly after, the brand went global and his jewelry designs started becoming all the rage internationally. The cable bracelet, one of the signature pieces in the David Yurman jewelry collection, stands to this day as the best selling product of the company. The twisted double helix bracelet, encrusted with gemstones at the end caps came to be known as a unique renaissance-inspired piece that would eventually transform the brand into a world-class jeweler.

Pre-owned David Yurman Jewelry

David Yurman jewelry holds a special place in the hearts of the Gray & Sons staff. As an independent jeweler in business since 1980, we have seen many beautiful pieces come and go, but 100% authentic pre-owned David Yurman ring jewelry has always been our specialty, and its always hard to see them go. Our collection is constantly growing, so if you’re looking to buy used David Yurman jewelry in pristine condition, you’re in the right spot. Since we are huge fans of designer pieces, we are also willing to pay top dollar to those looking to sell their David Yurman jewelry and heirlooms.

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