David Yurman Jewelry

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Long before David Yurman became a jewelry designer, he was interested in many different creative pursuits. When he was merely 16, he learned difficult welding techniques from a highly skilled professional sculptor/welder, Ernesto Gonzales. 

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David Yurman Jewelry

Gonzales saw the raw untapped talent that the young Yurman possessed. He would later go on to teach him several complicated direct welding techniques. These unique skills would later prove to be the catalyst for success. We know David Yurman today as a renowned designer.

It wasn’t until 1980 when he finally set up a shop, appropriately named The David Yurman Jewelry Company. Shortly after, the brand went global and his jewelry designs started becoming all the rage internationally. People all over the world adore David Yurman and its creations, which are meant to look beautiful and exquisite.

Used David Yurman Jewelry 

At Gray & Sons, all of our David Yurman wares are highly affordable and we offer discounts on them so that you can get a good deal. We use Affirm payment plans and accept offers from customers on our vintage models. 

We also believe that every person deserves to find the right pieces of jewelry. You can even come to our Miami Beach shop to inquire about the items that we have on display. With rings, we can adjust the size for yourself or for the recipient in question. That way you don’t have to limit yourself to a size 4 or a size six, for example. 

David Yurman Rings

You can pop the question with some luxury vintage, or don a ring for a graduation present. Everyone deserves to wear a David Yurman on their fingers so that they can own a purely beautiful object. You can make this a wonderful piece as part of your wardrobe. 

To provide a gift for the man in your life, try out the Men’s David Yurman Cable Band Ring, which matches the brand’s trademark Cable bracelet as we discuss below. It has 14K gold around the rims and twisted sterling silver. The inner band has the designer label so that you can find proof of authenticity. 

If you want to match the men’s ring with another for engagement, try this David Yurman Cable ring that reverses the 14K gold and sterling silver. Pair the two pieces up to make a complete set. This cable ring has a golden centerpiece surrounded by silver cables and has appropriate neutral tones. 

Would you prefer to have a splash of color? David Yurman also wants to use precious stones to provide accents in exactly the right places. The Peridot And Citrine Ring is one such example, that is great for an orange or muted green palate. All of the precious stones are faceted, while embedded in 14k gold. You get a twist on cable rings with a hint on the band. 

David Yurman Earrings

When you want vintage pieces that spark conversation, David Yurman earrings do the job quite nicely. Each one is designed to implement art and class within a pair. You can trust the brand to understand what a good pair of hoops or studs needs to make a good impression. 

 We like the Mobile Hoop earrings for a choice of ensconced elegance. Two 18K golden hoops rest within twisted cable ones, looking perfectly nestled. They hang at 1.7 inches and will dangle for a long time.  

David Yurman Necklaces

Necklaces are great for drawing attention to your neck and face so that people will always look you in the eye and compliment your beauty. You can use simple sterling silver or gold chain to provide a finishing touch or a standout pendant. 

The Carved Cable Necklace is a piece that you can match with the cable bracelet and ring respectively, to create a complete collection. The pendant is made of 18K and sterling silver, while you have pure silver for the chain.  

David Yurman Bracelets 

The cable bracelet is one of the signature pieces in the David Yurman jewelry collection. It stands to this day as the best selling product of the company. A twisted double helix bracelet, encrusted with gemstones at the end caps, came to be known as a unique Renaissance-inspired piece. Cable bracelets would eventually become a David Yurman trademark. It would transform the brand into a world-class jeweler.

A great example is the David Yurman carved cable disc bracelet. It is made with 18K gold and sterling silver. The disc, which is larger than a standard charm and matches other bracelets, matches other pendants and gleams with texture. This carved cable is a chic update on the standard charm bracelet as well. You should have one for informal nights out. 

One spin on the traditional cable bracelet is the David Yurman Double Wheat-Link Bracelet. It is made of sterling silver with 18K gold stations in the middle. The double helix links are sturdy and fashionable, providing style to sound structure. It’s also very affordable and you can wear for virtually any occasion. 

A simpler design is the Medium Box Bracelet, which is made for men but can easily be worn by women. The sterling silver is a simple yet eloquent arrangement of links. You should pair with office wear, as a daily staple.  

Pre-owned David Yurman Jewelry

David Yurman jewelry holds a special place in the hearts of the Gray & Sons staff. As an independent jeweler in business since 1980, we have seen many beautiful pieces come and go. With that said, 100% authentic pre-owned David Yurman ring jewelry has always been our specialty. For our artisans, it’s always hard to see them go. 

Our collection is constantly growing with vintage pieces. If you’re looking to buy used David Yurman jewelry in pristine condition, you’re in the right spot. Since we are huge fans of designer pieces, we are also willing to pay top dollar to those looking to sell their David Yurman jewelry and heirlooms.

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Gray & Sons is a proud retailer of vintage jewelry, as well as other novelty items. We believe in preserving these pieces, restoring them, and selling them to customers. Our in-house artisans and other experts will verify our pieces as genuine. You have nothing to worry about.  

Contact us today to make an offer or find out more about our wares. Gray & Sons wants to help customers find the pieces that will complement their outfits. Trust us to find the best pieces for your special occasion or daily wear.