David Yurman Earrings

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Find the right earrings for your special occasion, partner’s birthday, or personal pleasure. Every person deserves to have a good pair of earrings. You should find a pair that reflects your personality, and bring you joy. Catch the light and the attention of people that you like.

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David Yurman Earrings

A Quick View Of Our Wares

Each of our David Yurman earring pairs come with the option of an Affirm payment plan. Decide if you want to pay in monthly installments or come and make us an offer. We offer discounts on vintage jewelry so that you don’t have to go into debt to get the pair that you want. 

Different types of earrings suit various occasions. While many men and women can wear studs and hoops in practically every atmosphere, chandelier earrings tend to require a less formal event such as going on a date or to your high school reunion. You deserve the best look no matter your needs, and gold and silver are the best material for sensitive ears. Studs also suit every face shape.

Blue topaz is a great gem to catch the eye. The David Yurman Topaz Cookie Stud Earrings are enlaid in sterling silver and 14k. These are classic studs, which are great to wear with your daily routine, and are small but filled with intricate details. The faceted topaz plays a stunning contrast against the spiral silver so that you get a beautiful contrast. You are carrying a dance with you when you wear this earring set.

Albion Amethyst Earrings are another good stud set to have that mix 18K white gold and sterling silver. Bright purple goes with neutral outfits to add a pop of color. You get a subtler contrast with the spiraling sterling silver, which allows for an immaculate look. Pair these with your wear for business casual or professional. 

Do you want to try hoops instead? David Yurman has a wide selection of them as well, that go beyond the standard gold bands. The David Yurman Crossover Huggie Hoop earrings are made of 18K gold and sterling silver, twisted to weld several rings into one. They hang at .65 inches, making an understatement while also looking fantastic. Spiral and smooth silver mix to create an aesthetic contrast. These earrings are closer to traditional hoops. 

David Yurman Mobile Hoop Earrings are made of 18k and sterling silver and provide an interactive variation on traditional hoops. Spiral silver encircles a tiny smooth gold band. They hang at 1.7 inches, which makes them a large accent for informal occasions. You can dance with them while watching the gold and silver shimmer. Wear them when you want dangling earrings. 

If you want a bolder variation, then try the David Yurman earrings with dangling garnets and diamonds. We offer this pair at a thousand dollars off the original place. Tiny diamonds adorn light and dark magenta cabochon and garnet stones, to catch the light and establish a visual rhythm. Wear these to a nightclub or a cocktail party to look gorgeous. 

The boldest version of hoops would be the David Yurman Mobile Chain Drop Earrings in 18k and sterling silver, which hangs at 2.4 inches. Several spiral rings encase a single small golden one and a smooth silver number. 

The company also specializes in shrimp earrings, which are designed to resemble the namesake creature. Each is elegant, however, and integrates different jewels to create a pleasing pair of gold and silver. You will always wow the crowd when wearing a shrimp design. They hang at 22.5 millimeters, making them tiny but with a large impact. Wear these to your workspace, or gift to a beloved one for a formal dinner. 

David Yurman Shrimp earrings in 14k and sterling silver are an understated example. This pair uses three different types of gems to make a resulting color contrast. Blue Chalcedony serves as the top of the earrings, while tiny purple iolite stones serve as an accent while surrounded in 14K yellow gold. These are great muted colors in the case that you want a more neutral shade. 

If you want a bolder color, the David Yurman shrimp earrings with pink tourmaline on top provide a hot magenta to liven up your night. Spiral 14K goal encircles the tourmaline, giving the wearer the image of conches that lie in the sun or deep in the sea. People’s eyes will be drawn to the spiral patterns, and the little twist at the end. 

The Joy Of David Yurman

When you want luxury earrings, you want David Yurman. The brand wants to deliver more than jewelry for your special occasion. They also want to create works of art that represent the world. David Yurman wants to incorporate the small joys of life, and the big ones, into each arrangement of gold, silver and precious stones. That is why each of their pieces of jewelry is quivering with personality.

To abide by this message, David Yurman involves itself with worldly activities and community services. The company supports animal conservation so that customers can enjoy the creatures that bring us joy, such as polar bears. They also sponsor documentaries that aim to educate others about changing industries, so that everyone can benefit. David Yurman believes in the future, and building toward a better one. 

Find Your Gold Hoops And More At Gray & Sons

The Gray & Sons shop is proud to present vintage earrings and more. Each of our experts, who also verify the authenticity of each item, delivers on luxury for our willing customers. We comb the jewelry scene to find pieces that have been discontinued and have become rare finds. Our goal is to find history and preserve it so that our customers can enjoy what previous generations have relished. 

Reach out to us to make your first offer, schedule an appointment, or find out more about our wares. We will be happy to see you at our Miami Beach shop, to show you the vintage earrings that will look great on you. You deserve to dazzle with veritable stones, and with the right arrangement of metal.