Repairing Your Heart

Heart-Shaped Diamond Ring

Heart-Shaped Diamond Ring

Heart Diamond Ring

Heart-shaped diamonds are known to represent eternal love. These precious gems were first seen back in the 16th century representing class, beauty, and royalty. Heart diamonds are special; they are hard to make and therefore hard to find. These are very desirable and wanted rocks.

The Shape of Your Love

Heart-shaped diamonds are amongst the highly desirable shaped diamonds in the market, competing along with the round, emerald, and marquise shapes. The shape of the diamond is not all that determines its value, the four C’s still need to be taken into consideration.

Lisa’s Dream Becoming a Reality

Lisa, our repeat customer, brought in her diamond ring to be repaired. It was a magnificent H color, VS1 clarity, excellent cut, and just the right 2.02 carat. Although a 2.0 ct diamond is not too small, when it is cut in a heart shape, if it is not set properly, the shape can get lost within the prongs or basket of the ring. As you can observe in image B, the ring seems like it is holding a round-shaped diamond.

She entered our Gray and Sons boutique with the hope that we would be able to fix her diamond heart ring. She was upset because the ring gave an impression of, “a kitty and not a heart” according to her exact words. You can observe that feline aesthetic on image A or the one above as well. The prongs of the basket were so thick that this unique diamond looked prisoner, it was barely able to be seen.

The Shape of Your Love

Captive Heart

Lisa’s Dream Becoming a Reality

Round or heart shaped?

This symbol of eternal love from her fiance was her biggest nightmare. The ring also needed to be sized because at a size 5 , it only fit her pinky finger. We needed to resize the ring to a size 6.5 .

We sat with her and reviewed the ideas of other heart-shaped rings she had seen online. She chose her favorite two and we recreated what her ring would look like. It was nothing like the setting she currently had, but we were going to get her heart diamond ring repaired.

GIA - The Four C’s

GIA stands for Gemological Institute of America. The institute has 14 locations around the world in which future gemologists are educated and gems are researched, tested, identified, and graded. They are the most renowned and reputable source for certifying diamonds around the world since 1931.

Gray & Sons - Master Jewelry Repair

At Gray and Sons, our master jewelers were ready to turn her vision into reality. Typically a heart-shaped diamond should be held by three to five prongs in order to prevent it from chipping its edges. This must be done in a very precise manner because the position can either leave the top halves of the diamond too exposed and leave it vulnerable to breaking or make it have a round or cat-like aesthetic like our dear Lisa’s.

When placing the top prongs on the heart, they must be closer to the sides rather than the top. The other two prongs at the bottom halves of the heart diamond need to be a bit smaller in circumference in order to give the heart a delicate aspect. The final prong at the end of the heart should have a “V” shape that simply holds the diamond into place protecting its sharpest edge.

After rearranging the prongs to the right angles they also had to be filed down and reshaped. The bottom corner will need to be turned almost into a heart prong; not too pointy but still giving it that dainty appearance. The other four prongs will be filed down into pears that gracefully hold the heart diamond securely in place. We see top jewelry designer brands like Tiffany & Co and Graff have the perfect angles to prevent the cat look.

Resizing the ring was another procedure. We added more gold to the band and soldered it in order to expand and leave it the same comfortable width it was originally. Lisa’s engagement ring was now ready to be cleaned and polished back to looking exquisite as the way Charles had proposed to her.