Vacheron Constantin Perpetual Calendar

Factory repair, a true story.

Vacheron Constantin Perpetual Calendar watch repair

In January 2019 our client sent us his skeletonized Vacheron Constantin Perpetual Calendar watch that was completely damaged; the owner dropped the watch and the sapphire glass shattered all over the movement. Normally we are able to fix these watches in house, but in this case some individual movement pieces that broke were made of thin glass called separator plates inside the skeletonized movement; only Vacheron Constantin could put this watch back together again. We had a representative of Gray and Sons Jewelers, actually the owner's wife, personally take the watch to Geneva Switzerland and drop it off at the Vacheron Constantin factory for the customer.


In the beginning of April – the Vacheron Constantin repair center reached out to us and informed us the watch was complete and could be picked up. Within a few weeks we arranged for the watch to be picked up in Geneva and brought back to our store in Miami, Florida. The watch looked amazing, but with a second glance we were surprised the watch day, date, moon phase, month and leap year indicator of the calendar was completely out of sync.

Vacheron Constantin Perpetual Calendar watch repair
Vacheron Constantin Perpetual Calendar watch repair

We reached out to Vacheron Constantin and they immediately apologized and said they were embarrassed by it. They suggested taking the watch to a Vacheron Constantin boutique in Miami to have it synced and setup. I would like to point out that Geneva charged us over $7,000 for this repair, not including the cost we had to pay for insurance and transportation going to and from Geneva. Yet the Perpetual Calendar was set for the completely wrong year; completely wrong day, date, phase of the moon and month which made absolutely no sense. Of course we could understand the day and date being off a little because of the time it took to ship back to us, except that all the indicators were out of sync and not lined up where we could manually advance the calendar to the correct settings.

Vacheron Constantin Perpetual Calendar watch repair

As soon as we received the watch it went to our in house repair department into Quality Control at Gray and Sons Jewelers. Our Swiss trained watchmakers then made sure the watch was properly lubricated, and was at least keeping the correct time. We also checked the automatic system to make sure that the watch would wind properly by simulating the movement of the hand and see if it would continue running for 36 to 42 hours since it had been factory repaired. Indeed the watch did run very well within the specs of a factory refurbishing. The company in Geneva sent us instructions on setting the Perpetual Calendar, moon phase and leap year to properly synchronize everything here at Gray and Sons Jewelers. These instructions, courtesy of Vacheron Constantin in Geneva, are now attached here so that if ever anyone else needs this information and is left with the watch coming from the factory not properly set, can use it and be able to get peace of mind to properly set their watch knowing these are the instructions courtesy of Vacheron Constantin. We followed the instructions step by step and were successful in setting the calendar, moon phase, and the leap year. Once set, we tested it, and the watch stayed perfectly on time and synchronized.


We now have mailed the watch back to another happy customer. It was amazing though that Vacheron Constantin in Geneva Switzerland one of the top watch houses in the world, would send the watch back after a full service without it being properly set on time, date, moon phase, month and leap year. Luckily, the instructions sent to us by Vacheron Constantin were straightforward and rather simple to follow so that you could push the right buttons and use the right crown settings to adjust and set the watch properly so this had a happy ending.

Vacheron Constantin Perpetual Calendar watch repair
Vacheron Constantin Perpetual Calendar watch repair

Should you have any trouble setting your Vacheron Constantin or any other Perpetual Calendar such as your Audemars Piguet Perpetual Calendar or Patek Philippe Perpetual calendar watch; simply contact or visit Gray and Sons Jewelers where we have master watchmakers that are able to assist you. Our watchmakers have been SWISS trained and are specialist ON setting and repairing complicated watches like Vacheron Constantin, Jaeger Lecoultre, A Lange and Sohne, Audemars Piguet, and many more Perpetual Calendar watches. Our watchmakers can usually set a calendar within a few days or a couple of weeks and in many times even while you wait in our showroom which is right across the Bal Harbour Shops in Miami Beach.


What should you do if your Perpetual Calendar is not set on the right time, date, month, and leap year?

Vacheron Constantin Perpetual Calendar watch repair

These fine Swiss Perpetual Calendar watches can be quite difficult to properly set at times and you should always see a specialist before trying to do it without any instructions. Some watch brands like IWC; if you advance your calendar beyond the year, it will require a manual re-setting. This means that the hands on the dial have to come off and the gears have to be moved by a master watchmaker and properly synchronize them. This is why some companies might take a couple of hours, weeks, and sometimes months to get them set. Which is why your should always try to have a professional watchmaker that is familiar with the gears and mathematics of your watch properly align and set the full calendar, moon phase and leap year. If you need help setting your Perpetual Calendar request an Easy Ship Box Here, and we be more than happy to get your watch back on time, date, month, and moon phase.


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