Watch Repair of A Timeless Baume and Mercier

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“Fashion changes, but style endures” – Coco Chanel

Think about a virgin wool, well cut blazer. Or a crisp white shirt with real shell or mother-of-pearl buttons. Even a pair of black genuine leather ballerina shoes.

Those are a few of the things that a woman of class and style knows to be mandatory parts of a well-rounded wardrobe and will not save on when choosing such items. Jewelry and watches are just as important. When deciding on how to represent yourself to the world in a fashionable and respectable way, quality is not only the right way to go but also the smarter way to spend your money. Well crafted, exclusive items are bound to stand the test of time and last decades as pieces you will see yourself reaching too often, for many different occasions and maybe even passing them to the next generation.

When choosing a watch, that is even more important. A watch not only works as a time telling instrument but also, much like the shoes you wear and handbag you carry, a watch says volumes about your style and personality. One of Gray and Sons lovely clients chose a stunning vintage 18k white gold Baume et Mercier with a diamond dial on a mesh bracelet and due to her petite frame, the bracelet was too big for her wrist and needed to be cut and reworked – a daunting task when talking about such a fragile piece. Look at the before image below. It was too large and needed the extending clasp to be removed and the links to be removed for a tighter fit on our clients wrist.

Before Images:

Repair Blog- Baume & Mercier

Once finished, as the pictures below shows, the bracelet was not only made bespoke to the client’s wrist size but also returned to its original Baume and Mercier design (it was previously lengthened by the past owner), where the ladder clasp has no air gaps on either side when set to be on its tightest setting.

After Images:

Repair Blog- Baume & Mercier

It’s worth noting the incredible craftsmanship applied, where our jeweler and watchmaker left the watch looking perfect, like new, of course keeping that vintage style that caught our client’s eye and is going to endure many decades more. Gray and Sons is a top rated watch repair center in the United States. Gray and Sons is located in Surfside, Miami Beach, Florida. We repair brands such as Baume & Mercier, Rolex, Cartier, Audemars Piguet, Patek Philippe and more. We even offer battery replacements on these brands. All in stock watches at Gray and Sons showroom as well as online at have been recently serviced, freshly lubricated, time adjusted and fully detailed.

We mirrored the original Baume & Mercier design when creating the perfect watch restoration. View below the photo of our Original Baume et Mercier yellow gold watch and compare it to our restoration watch. See how the ladder and clasp are identical.

Compare our restoration watch with an Original Baume & Mercier:

When you are considering where to buy used, pre-owned watches and jewelry, or where to service your Rolex, Baume and Mercier, Audemars Piguet, Patek Philippe or Cartier Watch, choose Gray and Sons. If you are choosing where to sell your used watch, go to You can talk with a real watch and jewelry specialist in real time in our real showroom or online here.

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