Your One-Stop Shop For all Jewelry and Watch Polishing Needs

Your One-Stop Shop For all Watch Polishing to “New”

Detail and Refinish Repairs by Gray and Sons Jewelers

Your One-Stop Shop For all Watch Polishing to “New”

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Detail and Refinish Repairs by Gray and Sons Jewelers

As one would expect in the world of high-end jewelry and luxury watches, the upkeep of these items is essential to ensure these items will get passed down through generations. The lifespan of any piece, however, is dependent on the wear and maintenance it’s given. A common request we get here at Gray and Sons is customers wanting to give their items a cost-effective makeover. It’s incredible what a light polish or buff can do to watches and jewelry that have been roughly loved.

Today we will walk you through the process when we detail and polish a customer’s stainless steel watch. While the process for jewelry is much less extensive than the process for polishing a watch, they both entail the general idea of bringing the item back to its original patina. This can be tricky for some items, some designers like to vary the satin or high polish patterns on their items. We do everything in our power to replicate just that.

How We Detail/Polish Watches

Polishing watches is a much longer and tedious process since there are so many different components that make up a timepiece as opposed to 1 item of jewelry. First things first, we usually won't polish a watch without giving it a service. In order to polish a watch, we must first de-case the entire timepiece. Since the movement is exposed, we usually go in and service it while the case gets detailed.

While the timepiece gets taken apart, each component is individually inspected and checked for corrosion or damage. We then replace any parts that compromise the quality of the timepiece. This is including interior exterior parts such as bezel, crystal, and bracelet/links.

In doing this, we are also assuring the watch’s water resistance once reassembled. Damaged parts get worked on or replaced and if anything appears in need of a more extensive repair, we go ahead and alert the client on what must be done before proceeding.

Polishing the case and bracelet of a watch is a very intricate process that requires great precision and skill. First, one must have the correct polishing tools and machinery to ensure the job is done correctly. Here at Gray and Sons, we have some of the highest grade polishing equipment derived from Switzerland.

We have sanding machines with grinding belts that give the desired polish or satin finishes; identical to the factory finish. These machines can be found in watch manufacturers themselves. However, having the right machines alone is not enough to get good results. The polisher must know which belts in specific are used to acquire the desired finish.

Once our polisher has successfully detailed the outer part of the watch case, he cleans and steams it one last time to bring it to its full luster. At this point, our watchmaker has already cleaned, re-lubricated, and put together the movement. All that’s left now is to reassemble the timepiece and pass it through quality control.

While in our quality control, we test that the watch is accurate keeping time on our winding wheels. These wheels rotate watches clockwise while spinning them 360͒ to mimic the movement of the wrist. Here we assure that the power reserve function is working properly and that this watch can stand the test of wear.

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For over 41 years, Gray and Sons have specialized in the luxury business of pre-owned watches and estate jewelry. Every item in our inventory has been repaired or restored to like-new condition. We specialize in watchmaking; we’re the most reputable watch collectors in South Florida.

Every day customers come into our independent watch repair center to sell us their watches and jewelry items so our inventory is ever-growing. Through our constantly updated website, customers can request a free monthly catalog that includes our updated inventory. We are committed to maintaining our customers updated, as many carefully selected things come in every month.

Our sales associates are fluent in English, Spanish, French, Polish, and Russian so language barriers are often not a problem. Aside from buying, selling, and repairing, we also do trade-ins or take things in on consignment. Visit us for all your luxury needs!

Our showroom is located in the heart of Miami Beach diagonally across the street from the world-renowned Bal Harbour Shops. If ever in the area, we highly recommend you come into our store! We’d love to meet you and help you find the nearest Rolex you love.

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