50 years of Juste un Clou by Cartier


The thousand dollar nuts and bolts in the Cartier mansion are not for structure, they are for fashion. In the coming year the Juste un Clou collection turns 50! What better way to celebrate than by highlighting the timeless series?

The iconic Parisian brand has long held its prestige in the luxury world. In fact, the Cartier collection has only gained traction through the decades. Who would have thought that a mundane construction tool could sell for tens of thousands of dollars? His name was Aldo Cipullo. First released in 1971, the Juste un Clou collection was an immediate hit. The original design was one band with the likeness of an extended nail, which wraps gracefully around the wrist.

In 2012 and again in 2017 Cartier expanded by introducing versatility in design, style and thickness.  Eventually, Juste un Clou expanded to include 18K diamond studded gold rings, necklaces, cufflinks, and earrings. The utilitarian inspired collection continues to evolve, always leaving the the fashion industry in awe.

Cartier’s Precious Garage

To reintroduce the series in 2018, Cartier premiered Juste un Clou and the Ecrou de Cartier with a lavish launch keenly titled “Cartier’s Precious Garage.” In the Cartier Mansion during fashion week, the carefully decorated multi-floor venue was an experience designed for the attendees to indulge in a night of comfort and glamour. The ambiance, set to mimic the aesthetic and feel of the collections, was warm yet lively. The collections were displayed meticulously, the bracelets and rings worked in synergy with the almost rustic atmosphere.

Juste un Clou (White)

Cartier added the wrap diamond rings into the collection in late 2012 for the relaunch of the collection. With a total of sixteen models, the rings are offered in yellow, white, and rose gold. They are available with either a thin girth or a slightly thicker one and are available both with and without diamonds. One the Juset un Clou rings features the golden band lightly decorated with paved diamond on the nail head and the tip. Another option is the fully decorated, diamond studded ring.

A simple yet stunning piece released in the collection is the 18K gold cufflinks. These too come in yellow, white, and rose gold. The cufflinks add sophistication with a flare of elegant leisure to an outfit. The subtle accessory works great for a special gift for him. The cufflinks can be easily paired with the collections diamond studded tie pin. The box nail accessory has over 2 carats diamonds with a height of 65.5mm (2.57 inches). Juste un Clou also offers the nail shaped tie pin in white and rose gold for a minimalistic aesthetic.

50 Years & Counting

The Juste un Clou rings are definitely a radiant, versatile statement piece that can be easily layered with other accessories. The necklaces have the most variety in design with over ten different styles. Whether you are looking for a simple chainlink necklace or a bold statement piece. The diamond studded 18K gold necklaces offer multiple options for Cartier lovers. The necklaces and the bracelets are without a doubt remain the stars of the collection.

With a variety of industrial inspired collection the rose gold and white gold bracelets featured in the article are available on our online boutique. These pieces and more are also available at our Miami Beach showroom.

Similar to the Love and the Ecrou de Cartier collections, the Juste un Clou is an androgynous, industrialized, and a casual elegant accessory.  The Juste un Clou collection is timeless and a brilliant addition to your own collection.

Juste un Clou (Rose)

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