Quality Versus Value– Why Buying Pre-Owned Luxury Watches is Better

ARTICLE DATE 08/15/2013

Quality Versus Value — Why Buying Pre-Owned Luxury Watches is Better

The Wall Street Journal recently ran an article titled “Quality Versus Value”, which discusses consumer’s perceptions on pricing and how it affects inherent value. What the researchers discovered is that most consumers believe higher prices equate to higher quality, and they heavily weigh the price of something with its overall value.

To conduct the study, researchers gave two groups of people the same exact wine to sample. They told one group that half of the samples were valued at $9.99 and the other half was valued at $39.99 (of course, it was all the same wine). They then asked this group to compare the quality of the wine they tasted. Across the board the subjects underrated the $9.99 wine and appreciated the $39.99 wine more, even though it was all the same exact wine! 

The second group was asked to rate the wine without knowing its price. It turns out the second group was far more accurate at appreciating the wine for its true quality and the first group was very thrown off by the price.

How many times are we thrown off by the price of something? Many of us seek to pay more for items we hold dear in order to get better quality, but is that always the right call to make?

We at Gray & Sons have seen this at play with pre-owned luxury watches. Of course anyone seeking to buy a luxury watch, such as one from Cartier, Breitling, or Omega, knows the value of a well-made timepiece. However, is it better to buy a well-renowned watch new from the manufacture or to save a few thousand dollars and get it pre-owned? We at Gray & Sons argue for the latter.

And many watch enthusiasts agree. For example, watch collectors have long embraced the idea of buying pre-owned timepieces. For this reason, auctions and private sales are widely available for watchonistas to purchase rare and vintage pieces. But what about the watch lovers who simply want a well-made, high quality watch for a few thousand dollars less? For this group of savvy shoppers, we at Gray & Sons provide a large selection of guaranteed timepieces.

Why Buying Luxury Watches Pre-Owned is Better

Buying pre-owned means you can save thousands of dollars on the same exact watch in many cases. Like fine cars, luxury watches usually do not change much throughout the years, so if you’re willing to get an older watch, you can save several thousand dollars on a piece that looks nearly the same as current models. We here at Gray & Sons offer extremely competitive prices as well as a range of services that increase the value of your purchase tenfold.

Buying pre-owned luxury watches from Gray & Sons means you can rest assured that your watch has been thoroughly inspected and is guaranteed to run perfectly. Gray & Sons provides a one or two year warranty on all watches as well as a Like New for Life policy. Like New for Life with Gray & Sons means we will detail and overhaul your watch at no charge once per year for the rest of your life! No one else provides a guarantee like this, not even on new watches.

Buying pre-owned luxury watches from Gray & Sons means you are guaranteed an authentic timepiece. Gray & Sons has been in business for over 30 years and we have always honored our commitment to our clients and back the authenticity of all the watches we sell. We provide an appraisal at the time of purchase and in the rare case that any tiny watch part slips our radar, we provide a full refund. Authenticity is extremely important to us and we check each timepiece 100% before backing it.

Buying pre-owned from Gray & Sons means you get to enjoy the wealth of knowledge our staff has to offer you. Our team of six swiss-trained in-house watchmakers are always available for your watch or jewelry repair needs. Our several watch specialists who have been with us for a decade or longer are always on call to answer your questions or discuss your next investment with you.

Buying pre-owned from Gray & Sons is the best way to buy pre-owned. Take a look at our website, learn about our watch repair services, or chat with us online through our social accounts. Save yourself money and increase the value of your investment.