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Tiffany & Co. Lucida platinum drop diamond earrings
A pair of Tiffany & Co. Lucida platinum drop diamond earrings available at Gray & Sons

A revered American brand, Tiffany & Co. has long stood for timeless elegance, tasteful luxury, and big city sophistication. In fact, ask a woman if she’d like to receive a gift that comes in that famous Tiffany & Co. robin egg blue box with a white ribbon, and more often than not, you’ll hear, “Of course!” Founded in 1937, Tiffany & Co. is a New York City institution. Another New York City landmark is the Met, a.k.a. the Metropolitan Museum of Art and hands down, its most famous event is the Met Gala. So with a New York state of mind, we take a closer look at the celebrities who wore Tiffany & Co. jewelry at during this year’s Met Gala.

What’s the Met Gala?

The Met Gala is an annual benefit for the Metropolitan Museum of Art Costume Institute. But more than that, it also has the reputation of “party of the year” and “fashion’s biggest night out,”  Given its significant ties to fashion, it’s no surprise that the Met Gala has been under the direction of Vogue’s Anna Wintour since 1999. And under her leadership, the Met Gala red carpet has essentially become an extravagant catwalk for the select few invited to attend. The theme of this year’s Met Gala was in honor of Comme des Garçons designer Rei Kawakubo. The annual party also signals the grand opening of the Met’s fashion exhibit for the year. This year’s exhibit is: “Rei Kawakubo/Comme des Garçons: Art of the In-Between.”

Metropolitan Museum of Art
Metropolitan Museum of Art

While this year’s fashion expressions on the red carpet were as avant-garde, fashion-forward, and jaw-dropping as ever, the jewelry on display definitely caught our eye too! In particular, we loved the Tiffany & Co. jewelry worn by some stunning ladies.

(Scroll through all the pictures via the left arrow on the Instagram post to see all the celebrities Tiffany jewelry looks.)

Which Celebrities’ Tiffany Jewelry Did We See?

A bevy of beauties stepped out on the red carpet donning their stunning Tiffany & Co. jewelry. First up, megastar musician, Selena Gomez, wore a yellow gold and amethyst necklace. Very geometric in style, this structured choker contrasted perfectly with her long feminine gown.

We also saw Hollywood actress, Resse Witherspoon, with incredible Tiffany & Co. diamond drop earrings, a diamond and blue sapphire bracelet, and diamond rings. The sapphire bracelet matched particularly well with her blue and black gown.

Actress Lupita Nyong’o accessorized her colorful gown and makeup with Tiffany & Co. diamond earrings with red spinels. Plus, she also went a step further and added an array of colorful Tiffany & Co. rings. Actress Lily Collins, on the other hand, opted for delicate Tiffany & Co. diamond stud earrings, as well as, diamond rings.

Not only did singer-songwriter, Janelle Monae, top off her leather “bikini” gloves with glorious Tiffany & Co. diamond rings, but she also adorned her hair with Tiffany diamonds jewels too. Amazing hair ornaments!

As expected, the Met Gala was a night of incredible fashion along with spectacular jewels. And these ladies emphasized just how beautiful Tiffany jewelry really is.

Of course, not just exclusive to celebrities and red carpets, Tiffany & Co. jewelry looks amazing on anyone. To add some special Tiffany & Co. pieces to your jewelry box or to find a great gift, make sure to browse our collection of pre-owned Tiffany jewelry.