Corum Admirals Cup Collection

Since its introduction, the Corum Admiral’s Cup collection has served as a platform for some of the brand’s most popular designs. It’s an easily recognizable look. The watches have served as a cornerstone for most of the company’s history – so much that it’s often the first model that comes to mind when we think of Corum. After decades of evolution. Corum now offers a diverse array of Admiral’s Cup models to choose from. Many of which are constantly coming into our stock. With the introduction of recent models like the Admiral Legend series, it’s evident that the collection will only continue to grow and draw in new fans with each and every release.

Corum Admiral’s Cup Collection

Corum Admirals Cup in stainless steel with black fiber bezel on a rubber strap.
Corum Admiral’s Cup in stainless steel with black fiber bezel on a rubber strap.

After the inaugural Admiral’s Cup race held in 1957. Corum released the first Admiral’s Cup timepiece just three years later. Up until 2003, the cup served as an international yachting regatta. Corum consistently drew inspiration throughout the lifetime of the races. The first Admiral’s Cup model marked a special point for the collection and the original model looks nothing like the available models that we see today. Still, the spirit of the original Admiral’s Cup model still lives on in many of the timepieces Corum offers today.

Corum Admiral's Cup Leap Second in titanium & rubber.
Corum Admiral’s Cup Leap Second in titanium & rubber.

Throughout the years, Corum has offered Admiral’s Cup watches with various themes, complications, and precious metals. This includes anything from world timers to chronographs and even double-tourbillon editions. Additionally, several of the models are marketed towards women as well. The ladies’ collection of Admiral’s Cup watches is also full of options that are just as sporty and mechanically interesting as the rest.

Some of the most distinctive design elements include a dodecagon-shaped case, nautical flag markers, and a deep maritime-inspired look that runs deep in most of the models. This design ethos makes the Admiral’s Cup line stand out in an ocean of dive watches. It exists as something just slightly more unique in a time when the watch world is experiencing its fair share of visual noise.

Corum to buy in Gray & Sons store

Corum has been producing high-quality watches since 1955 and Gray & Sons is proud to serve as an experienced and dedicated retailer for several of their collections. We currently have a line of pre-owned Admiral’s Cup models in our stock ranging from simple time-only references to chronographs in precious metals. My favorite? It has to be this chunky Deep Hull 48 titanium diver on a rubber strap. So if this seems like a collection that could work its way into your daily watch rotation. Stop by Gray & Sons and one of our experts will help you find the right Admiral’s Cup model for you.

Corum Admiral's Cup Competition 48 in titanium & 18k rose gold on a rubber strap.
Corum Admiral’s Cup Competition 48 in titanium & 18k rose gold on a rubber strap.