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Fendi Crazy Carats: One Watch, Three Looks
Fendi Crazy Carats: One Watch, Three Looks


Part jewelry, part ladies’ timepiece, the Fendi Crazy Carats is a watch that can change its look right before your eyes. Using a clever mechanism on the winding crown, the wearer can rotate the indexes to flip through an assortment of gems. Let’s have a closer look at a pair of unique, colorful, and fun women’s Fendi Crazy Carats luxury watch.


Turn Heads With a Twist of the Crown!

At first glance, the Fendi Crazy Carats watch looks like a regular ladies’ luxury watch adorned with diamonds on the bezel and dial along with some very large and colorful stones that serve as hour markers. The colorful stones are, in fact, semi-precious topaz stones.

Fendi Crazy Carats
Fendi Crazy Carats


Yet upon closer inspection, you’ll see that twisting the oversized winding mechanism at 4:30 spins the markers to reveal another set of gems—a surprising treat indeed! Wearers can alternate between a trio of looks that include two different sets of colors, in addition to a rainbow ring of topaz stones. The Fendi Crazy Carats timepiece is essentially three watches in one. And every fashionista knows that versatile pieces, whether watches, jewelry, accessories, or clothes, are a joy to have in any wardrobe.



Feeling blue? Rotate. Feeling pink? Rotate. Feeling colorful. Rotate again. Simply turn the crown to change things up in an instant. However, the diamond 12 o’clock index always remains stationary. Protecting the precious face of the watch is scratch-resistant sapphire crystal.


A Duo of Fendi Crazy Carats Watches To Choose From

Both Crazy Carats watch sport a 34mm stainless steel round case along with a matching steel bracelet. In this particular pair, one version houses a black dial, while the other a white dial and both are the perfect backgrounds for the colorful topaz stones. At the center of the dials are even more precious gems with diamond embellished 6, 9, and 12 numerals.


Fendi Crazy Carats
Fendi Crazy Carats with a black dial


To make room for the index-rotating device at 4:30, the time-setting winding crown is positioned on the opposite side of the case at 9:30. Additionally, carrying on the gem theme, both crowns feature a black cabochon-cut stone. Flip the Fendi Crazy Carats watch around and you’ll get a peek of the stones that aren’t currently showing on the dial via windows on the steel caseback. Driven by a quartz movement, the Crazy Carats watches are Swiss-made.


So if you’re looking for a unique women’s luxury watch to indulge in or to gift to someone special, then get twisting with the Fendi Crazy Carats.

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Celine Simon

Celine is a freelance luxury watch writer who has enjoyed working in the horology industry for over ten years. Like many of the high-end timepieces she writes about, she comes from Switzerland—the heart of fine watchmaking. From Singapore to Montreal to Geneva to Dubai, Celine has lived all over the world but now calls Southern California home.