How to Properly Take Care of Your Diamond Rings

ARTICLE DATE 11/21/2021
Diamond Rings
Diamond Rings

Oftentimes, diamond rings are the most expensive article of jewelry a woman may own. Seeing as most diamond engagement rings is a symbol made to be worn every day, they can get really dirty and dull right before our eyes. Many brides feel caring for their new bling comes with as much responsibility as caring for a new baby, for this reason, we’ve decided to whip up a list of dos and don’ts for the care of your diamond ring.

Keeping It Sparkly – Diamond Rings

Diamond rings have to be on the top of the list for jewelry items that collect the most filth. More often than not, women apply creams, deodorants, perfumes, lotions, oils, hair products, and a plethora of other self-care products that all go building dirt and grime within the setting of an engagement ring and around the prongs of a diamond. 

All of this buildup along with smudges along the face of a diamond can allow for dimming and discoloration to appear. In order to avoid blocking the diamond ring from its full shimmering potential, one should try to cleanse it once a week. 

Yellow Diamond Rings
Yellow Diamond Rings

All one needs to clean their ring is a cup, some water (preferably warm), a few drops of soap or mild detergent, and a soft-bristle toothbrush. Leave the ring sitting in the soapy water solution for a few moments or overnight. When ready, brush over the ring with the toothbrush and rinse away any remaining particles. Once patted dry, the ring will hold a shine like when it was first purchased!

Keeping It Snazzy – Diamond Rings

It’s easy to tell when a diamond may need cleaning simply from the glimmer it may or may not give from afar. On the other hand, some smaller details might need a closer examination. Depending on the style or design of a ring, one may have incorporated stones around the band or setting of a ring, not just on the face. 

Regardless if this is the case or not, owners of diamond rings should always get into the habit of checking for any missing prongs, loose prongs, or scratches along with the band or stone. If you bring your ring up to your ear and hear anything rattling, don’t wear the ring until a jeweler has tightened all prongs cause while diamonds are one of the strongest stones in the world, they are not invincible. 

If one is lucky enough to even find their diamond once it has become loose from it’s setting, it may still have suffered from scratches, cracks, or chips. For this reason, one should routinely analyze their diamond engagement rings. 

Beautiful Diamond Rings

Keeping It!

New brides often take some time to get used to wearing their engagement ring. While one may get into the habit of constantly putting on and taking off the ring to do certain things, women should determine when exactly to keep the ring on and take it off.

Keeping ring trays around the house is a great way to make sure your ring doesn’t fall down the drain when you wash your hands. Although washing your hands may feel like a no-ring activity, it might be smarter to leave it on. 

More often than not, women washing their hands in public places like restaurants, malls, bars, or other populated areas leave their ring behind and end up losing it due to the habit of taking it off in the first place. While ring trays are safe and great to have at home, it’s not like there’s a ring tray waiting for you at every public restroom you visit. Getting used to keeping the ring on your finger may be the best way to assure it never gets misplaced!

On the other hand, there are still plenty of places it might be a great idea to just go completely ringless! Swimming pools, water parks, beaches; I think your spouse would rather forgive you for not wearing it once than for losing it completely. 

Apart from being able to lose it in the sand, when one plunges into the water their finger often shrinks which results in losing the ring in the water. Long story short, one wants to know exactly where it’s safe to wear their diamond ring prior to participating in such activity. 

Big Diamond Ring

Whether the clumsy kind or not, accidents happen to everyone! If none of the other suggestions given in this blog aren’t taken into thought, at least consider this one. Make sure to insure your engagement ring. Most homeowner insurance companies and renter’s insurance companies include the ring under their insurance policy when given the documents. 

Oftentimes the proposer buys the rings and doesn’t pop the questions for months. For this reason, many suggest the ring gets insured the moment it leaves the store that way it stays protected far before even worn. 

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