It happens every year and it seems to get harder and harder to find the perfect gift. Father’s Day is right around the corner and waiting until the last minute isn’t something you want to do. For many of us, our fathers are actually the reason we got into watches. So, it’s only natural that you may be hunting down the perfect Dad watch. Whatever the case is, the decision can be tough. So, we thought we’d throw out some suggestions for a watch that’ll last dad a lifetime. After all, a special kind of guy deserves a very special watch.

Luxury Watches Graduation Gift

The Omega Seamaster

The Seamaster line-up stands as one of Omega’s most popular watch collections. Thankfully, the price is often very reasonable for what you’re getting. You can find bona fide divers, chronographs, and GMT models in the collection as well. But, they all feature unmistakable quality that makes Omega a high quality luxury brand. Browse our selection and find the perfect fit for Father’s Day.

Photo courtesy of Breitling

The Breitling Navitimer

Is your father an aviation geek with a love for all things mechanical? Did you grow up watching episodes of Wings in the ’90s with him? An aviation-inspired piece might be the best option. Like the Seamaster, the Breitling Navitimer comes in a range of flavors. While slightly pricier, it still stands as an excellent value piece in the world of luxury watches. Plus, it offers a blend of both sporty and dressy looks.

Photo courtesy of Rolex

The Rolex Datejust

Perhaps no other timepiece in history offers the same recognition and reliability as an Oyster-cased Rolex watch. “Timeless” gets thrown around a lot, but in this case, it’s an understatement. From the summit of Everest to the deepest depths of the Mariana Trench, Rolex has been there. It’s hard to dispute the case for a Datejust – one of Rolex’s most versatile and wearable models. If dad has always gone above and beyond, it may be time for you to do the same – and Rolex is a pretty good place to start.