Used Breguet Marine Tourbillon
Used Breguet Marine Tourbillon

The Breguet Marine watch collection traces back to 1815 when Breguet was anointed the official watchmaker for the French Royal Navy; the greatest honor Abraham-Louis Breguet could have received. This title paved the way for Breguet’s long road of success in their Marine Collection. 

In becoming the French Navy’s sole horologist, Breguet had a large role to fulfill for, really, an entire Nation. In the 1810s, chronometers were vital for traveling overseas since they helped calculate the position of ships over long fleets.

The Breguet Marine Chronometer was the closest thing the French Navy had to today’s GPS and seeing as these fleets could be long and rough, Breguet had to assure it could withstand the instability of these ships while keeping accurate time.

Since then, the Breguet Marine has been introduced in a variety of different ways while still holding traditional Breguet values. The contemporary Breguet Marine watches combine the elegant and sports codes of watches. They’re made with durable cases and crown protectors but still designed with the craftsmanship and attention to detail that Breguet is known for. The perfect watch collection for any watch collector.

Buying and Selling Pre-Owned Used Breguet Marine Watches

The Breguet Marine collection has been evergrowing and is now offered in various options of fine metals, and sizes, and containing various complications. The Breguet Marine collection today is divided into subcollections, each carrying different attributes.

Popular Pre-Owned Used Breguet Marine Watch References ad Models:

  • Pre-Owned Breguet Marine references: 5517, 5817, 5857, 8827, 5527
  • Pre-Owned Breguet Marine Hora Mundi references: 5717, 5727, 3700
  • Pre-Owned Breguet Marine Dame references: 9518, 9517
  • Pre-Owned Breguet Marine Alarme Musicale references: 5547
  • Pre-Owned Breguet Marine Chronographe references: 3460, 5827, 8828, 8827, 5829
Used Breguet Marine Royale 5847
Used Breguet Marine Royale 5847

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