Used Breguet Grande Complication Tourbillon
Used Breguet Grande Complication Tourbillon

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The best place to find hard-to-get pre-owned Breguet Grande Complication watches is Gray and Sons Jewelers located in Surfside, Florida. Not only do Gray and Sons Jewelers sell used Breguet Grande Complication watches, but we also buy genuine used Breguet watches from the public. Those looking to get cash for their Breguet Grande Complication can inquire in person or request a free watch quote online at Get a quote to sell your Breguet Grande Complication outright, or trade in your Breguet watch for one we have in stock!

Sell Your Pre-Owned Breguet Grande Complication Tourbillon
Sell Your Pre-Owned Breguet Grande Complication Tourbillon

Buy, Sell Trade, and Repair Used and Pre-Owned Breguet Grande Complication Timepieces

If ever anywhere near South Florida, count on Gray and Sons Jewelers to be the one-stop-shop for all Breguet Grande Complications needs. For over 42 years, Gray and Sons have specialized in buying, selling, trading, and repairing Breguet watches. We have a brick-and-mortar store located in the heart of Miami, Fl near cities like Sunny Isles, Haulover, Aventura, Hollywood, Fort Lauderdale, Miami Beach, Coconut Grove, Coral Gables, Key Biscayne, and many more. 

Clients outside of Florida can contact us via and speak with live representatives, Rich and Viktoria, about all Breguet Grande Complication watch inquiries today. Gray and Sons Jewelers is the best and most reliable place to buy used pre-owned Breguet Grande Complication watches. Our Swiss-trained watchmakers assure every Breguet watch in our inventory is certified authentic and serviced ready for wear with a 1-year warranty covering the movement.

We Repair all Breguet Grande Complication Tourbillon
We Repair all Breguet Grande Complication Tourbillon

Many watch enthusiasts will agree, that Breguet is the finest Swiss watch manufacturer in the industry. Within the first decade of establishing his own watchmaking firm, Abraham Louis Breguet was widely known as one of the finest horologists of the time, this was in the 1780s. He was receiving commissions from some of the finest members of society, one of them being the last French Queen, Marie-Antoinette, who happened to be a strong admirer of the timepieces. 

Queen Marie-Antoinette had a vast collection of timepieces, many of them Breguet watches, however, she always welcomed more. Members of Marie-Antoinette’s Guard placed a commission to Breguet in 1783 for a unique timepiece that was to be gifted to Queen Marie Antoinette. This commission specified the watch was to have every complication known at the time and the parts were to be made out of gold rather than brass wherever possible. This project was handed to Breguet with no limit on price nor hours of labor.

What is your Breguet Grande Complication Tourbillon worth
What is your Breguet Grande Complication Tourbillon worth?

The final product of this Breguet Marie-Antoinette watch is the grandfather of the Breguet model collection we now call the Breguet Grande Complication. The final piece never got to the hands of Abraham Louis Breguet nor Queen Marie-Antoinette. This Marie-Antoinette Pocket Watch Grande Complication No. 160 was completed by Breguet’s son, Louis-Antoine Breguet after 44 years of its initial request. 

The final product of Breguet No. 160 Grande Complication consisted of a 63mm 18k pocket watch with a perpetual calendar showing the day, date, and month, along with a minute repeater, hour indicator, minute indicator, sweep seconds indicator, jump hour, and thermometer. All these complications are powered by an automatic self-winding platinum oscillating weight or what Breguet calls “perpétuelle”.

The details and complications on this timepiece inspired Breguet to continue with the line of Grande Complication pocket watches and wristwatches. Today Breguet has the Classique Grande Complication collection inspired by the Marie-Antoinette by carrying several complications on the dial.

Popular Pre-Owned Breguet Classique Grande Complication References are:

  • Reference 5719pt
  • Reference 3357BR/12/986
  • Reference 3357BA/12/986
  • Reference 3357BB/12/986
  • Reference 7337BR/1E/9V6
  • Reference 3355PT/00/PA0
  • Reference 3355PT/00/986
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Watch collectors often visit Gray and Sons Jewelers to find the most collectible Breguet Grande Complication watches. Vintage Breguet Grande Complication is some of the most desirable vintage collection watches on the market. We buy, sell, trade, and repair collectible Breguet Grande Complication watch models.

Some people think buying directly from the Breguet boutique is better than getting a pre-owned authentic Breguet Grande Complication however this is not true. Buying a certified genuine used Breguet comes with several perks, such as saving money, getting a hold of exclusive or discontinued models, or even finding out-of-stock watches. Gray and Sons Jewelers has vintage Breguet watches and modern Breguet watches in stock available for purchase. 

Worldwide, Breguet watches are recognized for being one of the top watch brands in the luxury market and are constantly in demand. If looking to buy a Breguet watch or sell a Breguet watch, you should only trust your timepiece in the hands of the best. Here at Gray and Sons Jewelers, we have six Swiss-trained watchmakers with over 150 years of combined experience who fully service every single Breguet watch in our inventory. 

We provide repair services to the public as well as provide a 1-year warranty for all Breguet watches sold at Gray and Sons. In-house we offer the following services: cleaning, polishing, overhaul and lubrication of the movement, battery changing, waterproofing, and much more! Come visit our store to repair my Breguet Grande Complication watch.