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David Yurman Cable Bracelet
David Yurman Cable Bracelet


The mark of a great jeweler is instantly recognizable designs. And no jeweler is as closely associated with cable designs as David Yurman. Discover the origins and evolutions of the iconic David Yurman Cable jewelry and explore some key pieces from the collection.

The Beginnings of David Yurman Cable Jewelry

In 1980, David Yurman and his wife, Sybil, established the David Yurman brand after some success selling intricately designed jewelry. That same year, the Starlight necklace, characterized by multiple thick strands of yellow gold wires studded with diamonds, is awarded the Jury Award from the World Gold Council. This award-winning necklace is, in fact, the predecessor to the future David Yurman Cable design.

David Yurman Renaissance bracelet in 18k yellow gold and sterling silver with blue topaz, amethyst and peridot
David Yurman Renaissance bracelet in 18k yellow gold and sterling silver with blue topaz, amethyst, and peridot

Inspired by a helix, in 1983, the first David Yurman Cable bracelet makes its debut and the cable motif becomes a signature design of the house. In 1997, the David Yurman Cable collection made headlines again as the Silver Ice lineup was the first time a major jeweler incorporated diamonds into sterling silver jewelry. That year also saw the introduction of the David Yurman Cable Watch Collection.

David Yurman Cable Watch
David Yurman Cable Watch

Over the ensuing years, David Yurman has crafted the famous cable design into a range of jewelry pieces. It’s one of the most familiar styles in designer jewelry and always effortlessly chic.


The Range of David Yurman Cable Jewelry

Today, the famous David Yurman Cable bracelet is available in an assortment of metals. A particularly popular option is the mix of yellow gold and sterling silver. So are the ultra luxurious diamond and gem versions. In addition to fine diamonds, David Yurman often uses colorful gemstones like topaz, sapphires, amethyst, period, and so on.

David Yurman Buckle Ring with the cable motif
David Yurman Buckle Ring with the signature cable motif

To match the cable bracelets, there are other plenty of other David Yurman jewelry pieces featuring the cable design including rings, necklaces, earrings, and cufflinks. For example, the David Yurman Buckle Ring displays the cable pattern in a prominent fashion via the band that wraps around the finger, beautifully topped off with a yellow gold buckle. There’s also the attractive pair of David Yurman cufflinks where the sterling silver cable border envelopes an 18k yellow gold center. David Yurman’s cable earrings are especially varied with the signature design touch appearing in a variety of shapes and forms.

David Yurman Cufflinks
David Yurman Cufflinks prominently featuring the cable pattern

From the overt to the subtle, the cable pattern is the detail that binds all David Yurman jewelry together. David Yurman’s fine jewelry approach to an industrial item such as a cable wire illustrates the American jeweler’s incredible creativity. For almost 25 years, David Yurman has continuously offered fresh iterations of their renowned cable jewelry that remain a favorite among his chic clientele around the world.