Luxury Lifeline – Breitling Emergency and LEO Wristwratch

ARTICLE DATE 09/04/2013

Luxury Lifeline – Breitling Emergency and LEO Wristwratch

While technology is barreling forward at lightspeed, it is refreshing to see tried and true companies more focused on improving the basics. Several luxury watchmakers have created safety watches built with life-saving capabilities, complete with GPS, unbreakable casing, and other desirable features. The concept is to add more utility to the timepieces we wear everyday. And the reasoning is sound. Emergency beacons are helpful, but only if you thought ahead to carry one with you; however, the beauty of a watch as your emergency aid attached to your wrist! Below we’ll review the Breitling Emergency and LEO wristwatch.

Breitling Emergency II

At the forefront of this movement is luxury watchmaker Breitling, who recently launched the Emergency II, an upgraded version of its original Emergency model which debuted in 1995. Unlike its predecessor, the Breitling Emergency II is the first wristwatch equipped with a dual frequency distress beacon that has the ability to send a distress signal to satellites circling overhead, so no matter where on Earth you’re lost, you can be found.

The dual frequency, which sends a signal to emergency and rescue teams, is part of the international Cospas-Sarsat system, which has saved over 26,000 lives since 1985. The watch features a rechargeable lithium-ion battery separate from the watch movement’s silver oxide battery, along with a charger/tester case so you’ll have power when you need it.

Designed for durability, the watch is made of titanium and water resistant up to 167 feet, so be sure to wear it on your next outdoor adventure! And, luckily for us, this GPS technology isn’t limited to adventurers and world travelers.

The LEO Wristwatch

One current example is the LEO Wristwatch, which is focused on children’s safety. In a time when school shootings are unfortunately becoming more frequent, Jason Sullivan, founder of GuardianLion Wireless LLC, has designed a watch aimed at saving a child’s life. The LEO is a colorful and chunky watch that sacrifices style for safety, probably due in large part to the fact that while it is aimed at adults, the watch itself is actually designed for children.

With a titanium strap that can be locked onto a child’s wrist, the LEO is incredibly difficult to cut through. Additionally, there are sensors on the strap that transmit a signal to emergency responders if an unintended attempt is made to cut it, making things difficult for predators!

The watch also features a number of other high-tech safety features including: a titanium case that comes in a variety of colors. Waterproof speakers and microphone within the case. On-screen indicators for remaining battery, mobile signal and GPS signal. Tamper-proof lockable strap that transmits a tamper alert to parents, guardians or caregivers via text message and to emergency services with the user’s precise real-time location, address, speed and direction. GPS panic button which, when pressed, instantly transmits a panic alert via text message to guardians and emergency services.

Speed alerts: updates on the speed and direction of the wearer. With all of those safety features, parents are sure to feel a little lighter sending their kids to school, sports, or other activities! It will be interesting to see whether other watch brands delve more into safety features.

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