Wrist Review: The Rolex Daytona

The Rolex Daytona

The Daytona series of watches by Rolex was introduced to the world in 1963. The inspiration for its creation came from the need to fill a demand brought about by professional racers who wanted a convenient means to calculate their average speed during their racing events. Rolex watch makers saw this as an opportunity and that is how the Rolex Daytona series was born into the racing world. It eventually became a grail watch for collectors around the world. Incorporating state of the art technology and intricately handcrafted sporty details, is has proven to captivate every watch enthusiast’s imagination over the years.

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How the Rolex Daytona is made?

The use of 904L steel gives it the iconic look. The case dimensions are ideally calculated to give it the right fit on most wrists. It is also modest in its diameter and overall thickness, making it ideal to be worn on any occasion. The Daytona series of Rolex watches are adorned with robust Oyster bracelets, but you also have the option of choosing the classic leather straps.

Both of these options come with the Oysterlock clasps which provide high security on your wrist for more intense usage. With this powerful combination of the right case and bracelet, it provides a sophisticated look and a high level of comfort on the wrist. The watch is rock solid, but it is not as heavy as you might expect it to be. It is surprisingly light in weight and encourages you to use it daily. Waterproofing is essential to withstand demanding weather conditions and the Rolex Daytona watch is guaranteed to be waterproof up to 100 meters.

The association

The pinnacle of motorsports is the Formula 1 Championship and Rolex has a strong long-term partnership with them by becoming their Global Partner and Official Timepiece. The association of Rolex along with Formula 1 has joined two industry leaders, who excel in their own fields of expertise, yet share the same passion for excellence, precision, performance and superb engineering.


The Daytona series of watches from Rolex offers pristine build quality. It’s durability, coupled along with their partnerships with some of the biggest, most successful teams in the motorsport industry, has turned The Daytona into one of the most sought after watches by any avid watch collector.

The stainless steel models that come in a variation of black or white dials are the most preferred ones on the market, but many metal and dial types including a mother of pearl design have received some recent popularity. The 40-mm Oyster casing and Triplock crown provides an impressive 100 meters of water resistance capability. The pushers for the chronograph screw right into the main case to ensure high levels of protection against dust and water. Take one look at that dial and you will be engulfed into a world of perfection and original beauty.


A pure white dial or the elegant black color adorns the dial beneath the sapphire crystal. Excellent legibility is provided by the white gold hands and markers. Another unique feature is that the hands and markers of the Daytona watch is painted with a luminous substance called the Superluminova.

This special coating absorbs light under normal living conditions which provides excellent low light visibility in near darkness. The bezel, center links and case are all polished with high levels of detail, which is sure to grab anyone’s attention. Polished surfaces are usually hard to be read in direct sunlight, but the Daytona’s tachymetric scale on the bezel remains easy to read in any challenging condition. The triplock system for the strap provides a firm locking mechanism and excellent levels of security. The thin stamped steel clasp is now replaced with a deploying clasp of higher quality that is made with fine polished steel.


The chronograph movements within the watch, the caliber 4130, is controlled by a column wheel design which uses a vertical friction coupling to engage the functions of the column wheel. The ultra-refined and smooth movements of the chronograph mean that timekeeping can be dealt with split-second accuracy.

The chronograph movement has a total of 201 components, which is quite less when compared to other modern chronograph movements. The 44 jewel movement is set to oscillate at 28,800 bph and has a power reserve of 72 hours. The automatic winding system is made possible with the use of ceramic ball bearings, which is a first for Rolex. The balance wheel is freely sprung and is regulated with a fine movement that is made possible by using Microstella screws and Rolex’s KIF shock absorption technology. The self-winding caliber 41030 uses a bidirectional rotor that can also be manually wound.

To put simply, the build and design of the Rolex Daytona series can leave anyone in awe when considering the high level of sophistication and the passion that has gone into the making of this gorgeous watch.

Mother of pearl dial Rolex Daytona
Mother of pearl dial Rolex Daytona


The Rolex Daytona series of watches are a superlative blend of sports aura and classical finesse. It’s hard to find a watch that’s the best of both worlds and yet performs in a league of it’s own. The black or white dials can be a matter of personal choice, while both the variants can easily blend in with any type of wardrobe.

It doesn’t weigh the wrist down or feel bulky, as it seems to be the perfect fit for any size wrist. The adjustable knobs are easily accessible on the sides and provide swift and precise movements, when in need of fine-tuning. Being able to withstand the harsh conditions that it might be subjected to, while racing or while on an adventure, is a major plus thanks to its robust build quality. It is certainly an essential accessory for every professional race car driver, and definitely a necessity for even the most casual watch wearer.

Watch for collectors

If you are destined to possess the ultimate in everything, then the Rolex Daytona series steps right in as the perfect contender. It has been one of the most highly sought after watches by avid collectors, even today, and for good reason. With its refined aesthetics, pristine build quality, and unbeatable performance, it is no surprise that it has been able to remain popular for so long.


Where to shop the Rolex Daytona

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