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Boca Raton

Boca Raton is one of the Rolexes’ premium collections, a mix of fusion and antique style. Boca Raton was initially launched in 1999, and many significant watch styles are added to the line over a while. The Boca Raton range is quite versatile and unique. It is a perfect blend of modern styles and old design. The thick strap and a chunky dial are still trending when it comes to rugged watches. Many people, especially men, prefer thick straps of Rolex for sale Boca Raton. The light-weight exterior and a titanium composition make it suitable for longer use.

The watch’s overall integrity, exterior, and material are used to justify its high demand. This watch is rare to find in stores as it is always sold out. The unique composition and the black dial surely attract a lot of buyers. The porthole design and a classic dial is the perfect representation of a modern look with an element of antique. The unique mechanic dial gives a professional look. The tungsten material and satin black ceramic design surely add to the personality of a person. The watch is specifically designed for tennis players; hence, the light-weight design.

Gray and Sons Jewelers

It takes an expert to observe to evaluate the value of an antique watch and collect rare gems. Gray and Sons Jewelers have decades of experience in evaluating the potential of a piece and market demand. We look for extravagant pieces and add them to our collection for sale. We keep an eye for limited pieces in the world and upcycle them for further use. Our decades of experience catering to our ability to collect pieces that are otherwise always out of stock. We have a team of experts that reviews preloved pieces so that it can serve you for a long time.

Our 40-years of work in the field allows us to deliver to your rare gems with significant resale value. We take pride in re-evaluation and repurposing antique pieces. We also have a new watch collection that is an excellent investment. We believe style is personalized, but a good jewel or a watch can escalate your look. We try to be inclusive and add different price ranges to accommodate everyone’s budget. Some of the best luxury pieces are from brands such as Cartier, Patek Philippe, and Rolex, etc. We are now offering the famous Rolex Boca Raton for sale.

Boca Raton specifications

Boca Raton is a rare gem that is worth adding to your collection. This watch is a timeless beauty, which enhances your confidence significantly. It is made by using rare material, which is exemplary in defining your style. The titanium locks and wilt screws help in enhancing the overall look of the watch. Boca Raton adds a sporty look to your otherwise formal outfit. When you wear this watch, it feels like nothing on your wrist despite its size. It is crafted by the finest watchmakers across the world. Some of the main specifications of Boca Raton are:

  • 42-hour power reserve
  • Classic fusion look
  • Shock-wave resistant
  • Chucky style
  • Stainless steel clasp
  • Black dial

Boca Raton price

The price of Boca Raton is diverse, and it varies depending upon the style you buy. Although you can get it at a half price if you decide to get a pre-owned watch. However, the price may increase if it is in excellent condition.

Our online service

If it is difficult for you to visit the current store, considering the current scenario, you can shop online through our website. All our watches come with a warrant of one to two years.