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ARTICLE DATE 04/23/2024

Main reasons why i need to repair my Rolex

For watch enthusiasts and collectors, the Rolex name carries an unparalleled weight of prestige, craftsmanship, and heritage. These iconic timepieces are revered around the world for their precision engineering, timeless aesthetic, and enduring quality. Rolex has spent decades perfecting each model, from the classic Submariner divers' watch to the elegant Datejust, to create timepieces that are built to last.

Whether you're the proud owner of a vintage Rolex or a recent addition to your collection, this guide will equip you with the information needed to have a Rolex repair.


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Reasons to Repair or Service Your Rolex

Owning a Rolex is significant, both financially and emotionally. These watches are prized not only for their precision timekeeping, but also their impeccable design, prestigious brand heritage, and long-term value retention. As such, it's crucial for Rolex owners to prioritize maintaining the condition and functionality of their timepiece.

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Regular servicing and timely Rolex repairs offer several key benefits:

Preserving Accuracy and Performance

 The intricate mechanical movements that power Rolex watches are engineered to keep extremely precise time. However, over years of use, the components can become worn, dirty, or misaligned, negatively impacting timekeeping accuracy and underlining the importance of regular check-ups at a Rolex service center. Professional servicing restores the movement to factory specifications, ensuring your Rolex continues to perform flawlessly. This often includes the replacement of worn Rolex parts with new, genuine pieces. It is recommended that your Rolex is serviced appropriately every 10 years. Cost to repair Rolex depends on where you go.


Ensuring Water Resistance

Many Rolex models, such as the Submariner and Sea-Dweller, are designed for use in aquatic environments. However, the seals and gaskets that provide water-resistance can deteriorate over time, which is why calling in for a professional assessment at a Rolex repair facility is essential. Servicing allows these critical components to be inspected, repaired, or replaced, safeguarding your watch from water damage.

Maintaining Aesthetic Condition

Beyond functional concerns, the pristine appearance of a Rolex is a major part of its allure. Over time, the case, bracelet, and other exterior elements can become scratched, faded, or tarnished. Authorized service centers can restore these elements, bringing your watch back to like-new cosmetic condition, complete with a polish to restore its original luster.

Protecting Long-Term Value

As luxury collectible items, well-maintained Rolex watches tend to retain their value exceptionally well. Regular servicing is seen as a sign of responsible ownership, and can significantly boost the resale potential when the time comes to sell or trade-in your timepiece.

Common Rolex Repair Issues

While Rolex watches are renowned for their exceptional durability, there are a few common issues that may arise over the lifetime of ownership, suggesting the need for affiliate Rolex repair facilities.

Movement Malfunctions

The self-winding mechanical movements powering Rolex watches are highly complex, containing hundreds of intricate parts. Issues like worn bearings, broken mainsprings, or damaged gears can impact timekeeping accuracy and overall function, necessitating precision Rolex watch repair.

Water Damage

Whether from accidental submersion, condensation buildup, or worn seals, water infiltration is a primary concern for Rolex owners, highlighting the critical need for comprehensive Rolex watch repair and water resistance testing. This can lead to corrosion, fogging, or even complete movement failure if not addressed promptly.

Bezel/Crystal Damage

The bezels and crystals on Rolex watches are engineered to be highly scratch-resistant, but are not impervious to damage. Impacts, abrasion, or other wear-and-tear can compromise these critical components over time.

Bracelet/Clasp Issues

The intricate metal bracelets and clasps on Rolex watches are complex mechanical systems. Problems like stuck links, broken springs, or worn components can arise with regular use, affecting both the fit and appearance of the watch.

 By addressing these issues through timely repairs and servicing at an authorized Rolex service center, Rolex owners can ensure their timepiece continues to operate flawlessly and maintain its inherent value for years to come.


Gray & Sons - Leading Service Center

At Gray and Sons Jewelers, servicing a pre-owned luxury timepiece is a careful process done with the care and expertise expected for one of watchmaking’s most esteemed creations. Upon intake, our master watchmaker conducts a thorough assessment - inspecting the watch under high magnification for any signs of damage while testing for timing accuracy, power reserve, water resistance and authenticity.

Gaining access inside the iconic case starts with skillfully removing the bezel with a case wrench and then unscrewing the caseback. The movement condition is closely inspected, with every component assessed and any worn parts like the mainspring or balance carefully earmarked for replacement. We maintain an extensive inventory of genuine parts for sourcing high-quality components that meet strict specifications.

Methodical disassembly progresses under the watchmaker’s expert hand, retaining and refurbishing as many of the original parts as possible to preserve the watch’s provenance. The strap, case and crystal undergo a professional ultrasonic cleaning and hand-polishing until they regain that coveted “like-new” luster. Any oils, residues or moisture trapped within the movement are eliminated through a deep cleaning regimen.

Our watchmaker skillfully reassembles the movement piece by piece, adjusting the timing and beat to bring the intricate caliber back as close as possible to original specifications. The crystal is replaced with a brand new scratch-resistant sapphire glass for enhanced durability. Pressure and water resistance testing ensues to guarantee the case integrity before final calibrations, verifying chronometer-grade accuracy once again.

With over 44 years of expertise in the pre-owned luxury watch trade, Gray and Sons has become one of the most trusted destinations for pre-owned timepieces. We maintain extensive inventories of iconic references for discerning clientele to browse online, all meticulously inspected, authenticated and restored to like-new condition by our team of master watchmakers.