Beauty In The Silver Lining: Sterling Silver Flatware

It’s safe to say that most antique collectors and connoisseurs of luxury can indeed appreciate the fine, inherent beauty in quality flatware. Not long ago, sets of extravagant sterling silver flatware, tea sets, and hollowware were purchased as both investments and displayable signs of wealth. They were a great way to spruce up the room and really show your guests you had some taste.

Today, we appreciate these items for what they are—expertly crafted accessories that have retained their opulence and grandeur throughout the ages. This, along with the value of sterling silver, makes these flatware sets a great choice for collectors and can even serve as the perfect gift for those special occasions.

Sterling Silver Flatware

With the recent decline in the production of sterling silver flatware, many have begun to consider this as another avenue of investment. While we can’t promise immediate diversification, we will say this; there’s nothing like receiving a glorious set of sterling silver flatware on the big wedding day. It’s the kind of gift that’ll stand out in that pile of generic kitchen appliances and assorted gift cards. Plus, it’s the type of housewarming accessory that’ll last a lifetime. Some even consider sterling silver flatware to be a greener, more eco-friendly approach for a gift. It might just be the most luxurious recycling venture yet!

Many of the most sought after sets have been produced by manufacturers that are no longer creating full sets out of sterling silver. This includes brands like Gorham, Wallace, Reed & Barton, Towle, and more. The inclusion of discontinued patterns like Gorham’s “Buttercup” makes some of these sets even more valuable and the recent interest from collectors has also contributed to the rise in flatware set prices.


Luckily at Gray & Sons, we’ve gotten our hands on some of the finest sets of flatware, tea sets, and hollowware to add the perfect touch to your collection, beautify your home, and even serve as a great wedding or anniversary gift.

All of the sterling silver flatware sets we carry also include original cases that feature beautiful construction and showcase your investment. They look great in any room and make for an incredible conversation piece. These sterling silver works of art have been preserved throughout history and now they’re available right here at Gray & Sons. Add a piece of history to your home. Something luxurious from a time when even the most common home accessories were masterfully crafted.


Gray & Sons accepts luxury consignment of name brand fine Swiss watches, as well as pens, sterling silver flatware, tea sets, and name brand jewelry including David Yurman, Tiffany & Co., Cartier, Boucheron, Graff, Harry Winston, Van Cleef & Arpels, and diamonds over 1.00 carat.