Sparkle and Flare: Jewelry Trends for 2015

ARTICLE DATE 12/27/2014

As 2014 winds down with celebrations galore, the New Year beckons with stunning trends, some new, some old, and some fantastically reinvented. Whether you are looking for something subtly classic or something that makes a standout statement, the trends of 2015 give a happy mix of choices.

From standout earrings, slogan bracelets and stack rings, there is something to please every person, from the trend-following fashionista to the laid-back, make-your-own style maven. Whether you are buying for yourself or for a loved one, make sure you do your research before making a purchase. Going to an established jeweler like Gray & Sons will assure you of authenticity and fair price.

Dressing up the ears

Designers and design houses have paid special attention to the ornament that adorns the ears. From the reinvented hoops that invoke the allure of the 1970s, to detail-oriented pendant earrings to diamond encrusted oversized earrings, the fashion ramps have been replete with stunning pieces.

Some of the eye-catching, off-the-regular-track gems included punk style safety-pin earrings, PVC jewelry with animal print motifs, and mismatched earrings.

Putting the cuffs on

If you are looking for something to dress up your wrists, the coming year is all about oversized cuffs, bracelets and bangles with iridescent finishes that are reminiscent of the iconic 70s.

Monogram bracelets, feathered forearm bangles, trendy watches and solid silver and gold pieces flashed on the wrists of the swaying models, making their tinkling presence felt!

Another trendy move by the fashion houses merged colored leather with silver and gold, and displayed demo slogans and designer logos. A prominent move was the use of hearts and other symbols of love on wrist wear. As the cliché goes, be prepared to wear your heart on your sleeve in 2015!

For the brand-conscious, 2015 will be the year of the logo. Be prepared to see designer logos being reinvented and applied to all forms of accessories.

‘Ring’ing in the New Year

It’s all about getting attention in 2015. Models sashayed down the catwalk in bold clothes with rings on their fingers that demanded equal attention. From chunky diamond encrusted pieces, to bold stack rings, the models fingers were adorned with flashing pieces of jewelry.

Pay special attention to rings with heart motifs. From all the runways, it appears the heart is here to stay!

Whether they were smooth gold rings, layered knuckle-dusters, or pieces with raw stones, jewelry designers have conjured up some special rings for 2015.

Being collared in 2015

Clean lines and graphic cuts at the neckline, architecturally sculpted silver link necklaces, and layered gold chains littered the runways. Some designers juxtaposed subtle lines of gold with bold leather and stone elements, while others created crystal collars enmeshed with bright colored stones.

The trend for neckpieces in 2015 indicates a mix of materials and styles. Whether you favor draped silhouettes, near-the-collarbone chokers or statement cuffs, there is something to match your style and taste this fashion season.

Whether you are influenced by trends and are a strict follower or you like to create your own fashion magic, the jewelry market has plenty to offer. Just make sure to choose a trusted establishment that guarantees your purchases and allows you to make returns within a reasonable amount of time.

A Jewelry house like Gray & Sons offers you all these benefits plus incomparable service as you get ready to dazzle the world in 2015.