Buying Jewelry For the Holidays? BEWARE! Most Jewelry Stores Lack This Important Distinction

The holidays are a rough time of year. They say ‘tis the season for giving’, but in reality it’s much easier said than done. What are you supposed to get the person who has everything? Year after year you walk the hallowed aisles of your favorite big name retailers hoping to find inspiration, only to settle for an uninspiring, nondescript gift of disappointment. They deserve better, and you deserve more credit.

When you finally decide to seek professional help with your holiday gift shopping, you need to know what to look for. Your loved ones deserve a well thought out, from-the-heart present that they can revel in for years to come and jewelry is always the answer. You can never go wrong with buying jewelry for your loved ones for the holidays, but you need to know who to trust when making the decision.

Buying Jewelry From a Diamond and Stone Expert
Buying Jewelry From a Diamond and Stone Expert

Many jewelry stores are really just fronts for pushing sales with a staff that has very little knowledge on the actual merchandise. Shoppers go in looking to buy jewelry as a holiday present, only to be force-fed a script of impersonal recommendations from a “professional jeweler.”

These are the jewelry stores you need to avoid. They are merely trying to increase their profits while you walk away with their highest priced piece that you know nothing about other than the fact that your significant other will “love it.”

You need the assistance of a qualified professional- one who has the accreditations to back their suggestions. There is a whole world of knowledge behind stones and precious metals that you need to be privy of before making a jewelry purchase but unfortunately, the average jewelry store sales person is very ill equipped for the task.

Here at Gray & Sons Jewelers, we are far from average. We have GIA certified gemologists on staff, professionally educated in the art of diamonds and colored stones who are ready and able to help all holiday shoppers looking to buy jewelry for their loved ones. They didn’t become certified because we asked them too. They did it because they genuinely love the field and have an innate curiosity for this vast area of knowledge.

They devoted months of their own time to study both diamonds and colored stones and excelled in all their classes at specialized collegiate institutions. They got their diplomas and certifications so that they could share their enthusiasm and passion with customers and friends from around the world and educate them on the beautiful intricacies that fine jewelry possesses.

GIA Certified Diamond Bracelet
GIA Certified Diamond Bracelet

That’s the Gray & Sons Jewelers difference. Passion, excitement, and knowledge are only some of the defining traits of every member on our staff. From our Master Watchmaker Joe Cerullo, to our certified GIA Diamond Gemologist and Colored Stones Specialist Ksenya Silchenko, we are willing to go through great lengths to teach, share our knowledge, assess your needs, and assist you as you pick out your next great colored stone or diamond.

We have a huge collection of new jewelry for sale, as well as estate jewelry, designer jewelry, and GIA certified diamonds waiting to be wrapped up and gifted. This holiday season, do more for your loved ones other than buying something generic off of a holiday shopping guide. Buy them jewelry for the holidays, and the gift of gratification will be theirs forever.