Have you ever been faced with a really difficult choice? We mean the kind that you have to put a ton of thought into because it’s something so important it might change your life. Julius Caesar called it crossing the Rubicon River.

Selecting a Breitling Avenger model is never an easy decision. The Breitling Avengers series is made for ultimate reliability and quality. Part of the Aeromarine family line, these Avengers are made to usher the company into the new century. After all, it’s going to be with you for a while, that you can pass on to your kids and grandkids. The company’s longevity should attest to that.

At Gray & Sons, we’ve operated out of Miami Beach since 1980. Each of these watches is inspected by certified in-house watchmakers against any defects. They receive full servicing, cleaning, and polishing before they ever reach you. 

Many customers would say that our policies and longevity are at least somewhat impressive, but we’ve got nothing on Breitling. They’ve been in business since 1884 and have been making watches to the same difficult specifications all that time. 

Léon Breitling wanted to simplify chronographs so that multiple industries and individuals could use them. He started this venture over one hundred years ago, at a time when many enterprises wanted accurate chronographs. His descendants would later continue the mission to innovate and make the watch practical for everyone, from the military to the successful businessman. 

No matter which model of Avenger you pick, you’ll be sure to have selected the right one. Considering their durability, you’ll be sure to have it for quite a long time. It might even become a treasured heirloom. Check all of our warranty policies, and our in-house watchmakers will verify the authenticity of each choice. 

1) Classic 48mm Avenger

You can’t beat a tradition like the original Breitling Avenger. Various versions of it have been in production for years, and that’s not because Breitling’s engineers have been at all lazy. It’s an excellent design that’s hard to beat. Not many engineers can improve on perfection.

Newer models, such as those made in the 2010s, feature an automatic system along with subsecond resolution and a date chart. Stainless steel models often feature a gorgeous black chronometer backing, which is sure to make a statement.

classic avenger
Breitling Avenger A13370 stainless steel Black dial 48mm auto watch

This classic watch comes with a stainless steel case that measures 48 x 48 mm. Take advantage of the shock resistance and robust qualities, that make this timepiece designed to handle anything. 

2) Breitling Super Avenger

Every bit as classic as the original, the Super Avenger features a 46mm case size and the same stainless steel styling found in the earlier model. Like the original Avenger, they feature an automatic display with subsecond resolution as well as a traditional chronograph. They’re also capable of displaying the date. 

super avenger
Breitling Super Avenger A13370 Stainless Steel Black dial 46mm Automatic watch

You will preserve it for many years, and revel in the sapphire case. Set your dates with style, and track the time down to every subsecond. 

3) Breitling Avenger II

Perhaps you prefer something a little more modern. The Avenger II provides local time on a huge face that’s perfect if you need to see what time it is at a quick glance. The face itself has been available in several different color options over the years, which makes it an excellent option for those who are trying to pair everything with the outfits they plan on wearing.

4) Avenger II Seawolf

Some might say that the Avenger II was an adventurous leap forward for the company, considering that it completely redesigned an old classic. If that’s the case, then the Avenger II Seawolf is designed for those who are themselves adventurous at heart.

 The watch is made in the style of classic maritime and diving watches, but it comes in a number of modern finishes. In fact, critics have opined that the watch overall has more modern flair than some of the newer Avenger II models. You’ll love it if you love to live on the edge as it is.

5) Avenger Bandit

If you thought that the Seawolf and the many variants of it were edgy, then you’ll want to hold onto your seat. The Avenger Bandit takes things to a whole different level. As the name suggests, it really threw tradition out the window and wants to steal your heart. It comes with a much more complete dial than any of its siblings, and that means it’s capable of presenting far more information in a single glance.

 Breitling didn’t skimp on the luxury value, though, so you don’t have to be afraid of wearing one of these even if you plan on attending a black-tie event. Check the time during intermission at the opera, or show off to donors at the wrap party. It’s also an excellent choice for outdoor sports.

Get Breitling Watches And More From Gray & Sons

At Gray & Sons, we have operated for several years, preserving vintage watches to resell to new customers. Our goal is to help retain pieces of the past to share with future generations. We want to deliver high-quality luxury. 

Considering how many great choices you have in front of you, it still may not be clear as to which watch you’d prefer to wear. All of them will turn heads at whichever kind of function you plan on attending. Contact us online today for more information about which Breitling Avenger models are on sale. That way, you can end up with the best chronometer you’ve ever had.