Finding and matching vintage jewelry is not only more affordable, it compliments your individual style. The best part about this new look is that it allows you to blend old jewelry pieces onto contemporary outfits. The look of these vintage pieces is that they are timeless, classy, elegant, and have an eye catching character that anybody with a fashion sense examining your look will love. These perennial pieces can be used as discrete addition to your business attire, laid back Sunday brunch outfit, or dressed up evening soiree. Classic pieces like these were always associated with the upper class elegance since they became popular in Victorian-era England. Eventually, they made their way to American shores and have since always been associated with emulation of European high society. Since this time, these pieces have been a norm for American wealth.

Formal Classics

It was not until recently that these pieces have shed their strict association with only very formal classic attire. They have been spotted as the newest trends this season such as the attention detailed look of the head case on the runways by Miu Miu, Gucci , Givenchy, Dolce and Gabana. From necklaces on collar bones resting above décolletage to tight hot around the collar chokers, these pieces are coming back in all shapes and sizes. Design houses have been accessorizing dresses and blouses with brooches and pins for the past few seasons, but now have become extremely popular in achieving the ‘head case’ look with scarfs entangled around necks and brooches seen throughout.

Vintage brooches
Vintage brooches decorating a camo jacket.

They have now locked their position as an everlasting style but still have the effect of adding a classy twist to reflect the personalities of any modern & self-possessed woman. Whether it be the timeless business casual look of Jacqueline Kennedy or the fashion keen sense of notorious rocker Johnny Stevens of Highly Suspect, these pieces are a must for anyone intent on staying up with fashion.

Vintage Jewelry

One of the most interesting things about vintage jewelry is the story behind almost every piece. The jewelry styles have changed throughout the years but for the most part, can be identified with the trend they were made to represent, indicating the age of the piece. Ask your estate jeweler, they can not only tell you if the precious gems are authentic but will most likely be able to tell you what era the piece dates back to. In the case of high-end pieces manufactured by power houses like Cartier, Harry Winston, and Tiffany & Co. and others of this class, they can almost be certainly traced back to a particular designer and year.

The right estate jeweler will make sure that these pieces are not only properly restored to their original condition but that they are also properly maintained for the future so you can pass it on to your younger relatives. Whether it be daughters, nieces, granddaughters, they will be bound to appreciate them. With this trend on the rise, this jewelry style will have the same effect as luxury watches such as Patek Philippe, Audemars Piguet, or Rolex being passed down generation to generation.

Savvy fashionistas will appreciate vintage jewelry from Cartier, Van Cleef & Arpels, or Tiffany & Co. So pair your choice of vintage earrings, brooches, or a vintage pearl necklace with the right contemporary outfit and these bold additions will establish your ability to truly command fashion. Reach into your grandmother’s drawer or head to your estate jeweler to find some of these gorgeous priceless pre-owned jewelry and secondhand watches.

Vintage jewelry mixed in with contemporary outfits.
Vintage jewelry mixed in with contemporary outfits.