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Boca Raton watch

Rolex’s trained watchmakers have shaped the Boca Raton watch, which is now available for sale worldwide. The Swiss luxury watchmakers have crafted this collection with absolute excellence. The fine watch comes in different variants and has a great design that matches each individual’s style. The Boca Raton was first launched in 1999 with a circular dial and a leather strap. The watch style is still in-demand, and many people love to invest in the vintage piece. Various new styles like chain strap and colored dials are added to the collection.

The Boca Raton watches have a 50 mm dial larger than the standard style to add uniqueness and character to the range. The titanium composition makes the composition extra-light and wearable for an extended period. The bulky effect and the wider strap give the watch a modern look. The vintage watches Boca Raton are designed in multiple ways, but its basic characteristics are added to each piece in the range. This watch was specifically designed to cater to a tennis player’s needs, and it is extremely lightweight to enhance the flow of movements.

Gray and Sons Jewelers

Gray and Sons Jewelers are amazing when it comes to their craft and design taste. We focus on adding timeless pieces to our collection. A well-maintained watch becomes valuable with time. We have built a channel of effective exchange of luxury items that are rarely available. We are highly focused individuals with ample market knowledge to cater to the modern-day population. Our aesthetic and style are the true representation of who we are as a brand. We like to merge different styles in our collection so everyone can take away something from us.

Our approach towards luxury is diverse, and we pay more attention to acquiring pieces that are unique and add more to an individual’s personality. We think out of the box each time when curating pieces to offer something new each time. We have a 40-year experience backing that gives us a wider vision of the luxury business. We provide a single yet multi-functional platform for the exchange of luxury watches. We add pre-owned and new watches to our collection for added user leverage. We own watches from top brands such as Cartier, Piguet, Patecl Philippes, Rolex, etc. Our best-selling piece is the Rolex Boca Raton, which we are offering for sale.

Boca Raton features

Boca Raton is an excellent watch to own as its sleek design never goes out of style. Its premium quality lasts for decades, and its resale value is high. The Boca Raton classic fusion line comes in 42 and 44mm diameter size, exemplary to provide a polished look. It is made with precise stainless-steel to make it lighter for active use. The rotatable bezel and titanium screws add to its functionality and look. Some of its main attributes are:

  • Light-weight
  • Titanium composition
  • Larger dial and thick straps
  • Rhodium-plated hands
  • 42-hour power reserve
  • Ceramic material bezel
  • Swiss design
  • Heat insulation

Price od Boca Raton

Boca Raton comes in a classic design with a lot of variants. Each design has its specifications and unique outlook. The prices vary between USDXXX and USDXXX. Your choice and model will determine the ultimate price.

Our online store

We own an online website as well, which offers various watch collections. You can register on our website to sell your old watches as well. We cater to your concerns almost quickly. All our watches come with a warranty for varying periods.