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Rolex Submariner watches

Rolex is a luxury brand that is known for its quality watches and amazing quality craft. Rolex never fails to cater to its customer love for amazing watches by designing unique and designed pieces to perfection. The submariner watch line dates back to the past era, and its design is heavily inspired by new facets that add to its outstanding beauty. It comes in a 41 mm case, which completes its contemporary look. The delicate metal and the shiny exterior surely catch the eye of the buyer. 

The Rolex Submariner is a versatile range with a few pieces that solely synchronize with the watch’s name. The black dial and intricate work surely strike a chord with the buyer’s interest. The submarine collection represents true heritage. It comes with a matching cerachrom insert along with a rotatable bezel. We cannot help but admire the undeniable beauty; this watch surely is a timeless piece that is meant to pass down from generation to generation. The original model was established in striking white gold color; later variations were added to the line. This piece is something worth owning to give to an exquisite look.

Gray and Son Jewelers

The eye for detail and perfect aesthetic taste determines great gems from a world of ordinary. Gray and Sons Jewelers are experts in determining the value of extraordinary watches and jewels. We bring to you only the best in the region and add beauty to your core existence. We have been working in the industry for the past 40-years, and we have a keen eye for timeless pieces. We offer pre-owned pieces with ever-rising value to provide you extravagant items. We are recently working on expanding our business roots and providing our services to South Florida and Miami.

We own some of the most pre-owned and latest pieces for name brands such as Rolex, Cartier, Piguet etc. Our main objective is to provide quality and rare pieces that are hard to find in the market. We understand the urge to watch lovers find a timeless piece to pass on to their generations or re-sell to gain added value. We have pre-stocked luxury watches, and we also take advanced bookings to make watches available for you from any part of the world. You can easily visit our website to check out the new and rare pieces that are mostly out of stock everywhere. The most demanded watch from our collection at the moment is the Rolex submariner 41 mm watch.

Rolex Submariner in Hollywood

It is not easy to find a Rolex Submariner in Hollywood as it is the city of extravagant people. Rolex Oyster Perpetual Submariner is a great launch with multiple great attributes. The watch is a unique kind of a watch as it was specifically designed for water sports. This watch does not rust or get ruined when it comes to contact with water. Roles submariner’s first model was introduced in 1954. The main attributes of Rolex Submariner are:

  • Water-resistant
  • Swiss chronometer certified
  • Bubble magnifier
  • Stainless steel exterior
  • Variety of dial color
  • 41 mm unique oyster case
  • Triple crown seal

Rolex Submariner Price

Rolex Submariner comes as a pre-owned watch, and it holds significant value to this date. Its updated models also match up to the past invention. The Rolex Submariner’s value is USD XX, and you will be able to avail it at half price.

Our online service

We own a comprehensive online platform with available services and fast response. We have a customer center that caters to all your queries from time to time. All our watches come with a 12 to 24 months warranty, and the quality is assured.