Why You Should Still Spend Money On a Luxury Watch

In this day and age the idea that one needs a wristwatch to keep time has become almost obsolete. However, a luxurious and stylish timepiece is arguably just as relevant now as it was 50 years ago.

Facing more competition than ever from cheap digital watches and high-powered smartphones, you may still be wondering why the expensive watch in the elegant window display, or even online, is worth far more than a simple time telling device. Well, it all comes down to value. Just like some people value precious artwork in the millions of dollars, people see the inherent value that complicated luxury watches contain.

Aside from the pure bliss one gets from wearing a luxurious watch, there is a statement being made. A statement that you care about appearance, and that you value something special. That value seen and understood world wide is the driving force keeping luxury mechanical watches relevant in a new digital age.

That, and the fact that mechanical time pieces, unlike almost all new technology, should only appreciate in value over the years. Do you still have your CD player? We still have our vintage watches..

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Screen Shot 2014-11-10 at 12.49.05 PMWhy You Should Still Spend Money On a Luxury Watch