Breitling Navitimer Watch Repair


At Gray & Sons we pride ourselves not only on our amazing first-class showroom, huge inventory, and our experienced team, but also our unique repair department. With a crew of 6 in house Swiss-trained master watchmakers, in-house polishers, master jewelers and over a million dollars in inventory of replacement parts and sophisticated equipment, there’s not a job that Gray and Sons will turn down. We repair, service, refurbish and detail most Swiss made watches including but not limited to Rolex, Cartier, Breitling, Omega, Patek Philippe, Audemars Piguet and many more.




One of our long time loyal clients brought in their Breitling Navitimer for servicing. The iconic Breitling Navitimer has been one of the most famous pilot watches in history since making its first appearance around the 1950’s. As you can see from the pictures this beautiful movement Valjoux 7750 was only in need of a regular maintenance since we normally attend to this clients watches every 3 years.


The watch was losing time, more than what’s considered standard by the manufacturer per day, so it needed more than just a simple regulating. After carefully disassembling the watch, the master watchmaker cleans up the 7750 movement by placing it in a specially created metal basket for our Tempo ultrasonic cleaning machines. During this process, the movement is processed through 4 different solutions that guarantee all old oils and lubricants to be safely removed from the movement without causing any damage to it. As this process is being done our master polisher details the steel case of this Breitling Navitimer. Polishing a watch’s case has to be done with a lot of precision since we don’t want to over polish or damage any inscriptions or engravings on the case back. Once the cleaning process is completed the master watchmakers puts the movement back together. During the process of casing back up the movement to the now beautifully polished case, the waterproofing process begins. By installing a series of gaskets placed carefully in different locations and by testing the sealed watch with our waterproofing computers, we are able to guarantee that no water intrusion will occur once the watch returns to the client. One of the most common causes of water intrusion happens through broken crystals or water entering through an open crown. This is the reason why we remind our clients to always remember to screw down their crown while adjusting the time, or winding their watches. Once all tests are completed the leather strap is installed back on the watch and after a very strict quality control process the watch is ready to be back on our client’s wrist.


Looking to repair your Breitling but you are from out of town? With almost 40 years in the business and with a team with over 150 years of combined experience, Gray and Sons are the go-to location for repairs. Visit our website at and under the repair section request an Easy-Ship box with everything needed to get your valuable watch safely to us for a hassle-free repair estimate. Backed by our 1-2 year warranty, Gray & Sons will service most brands including Breitling, IWC, Cartier, Rolex, Vacheron Constantin, Jaeger Lecoultre and more.

Top Breitling models repaired and restored:

  • Breitling Navitimer
  • Breitling Avenger
  • Breitling Chronomat
  • Breitling Flying B.
  • Breitling Bentley
  • Breitling Chronospace Chronograph

Top Brands Repaired and Restored:

  • Rolex 
  • Ulyssee Nardin
  • Cartier Watch 
  • Dubey Schaldenbrand
  • Roger Dubuis 

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