Repairing A Vintage Tiffany & Co. Pocket Watch Repeater Back To Life

Overhaul & Detailing Pocket Watch Repair Project by Gray and Sons Jewelers

While pocket watch repairs aren’t nearly as popular as they once were, there is still a vast crowd of collectors who value the history and beauty behind these timepieces. After all, pocket watches are what started it all in the watch world. Whenever given the opportunity, we like to admire these pocket watches and really compare the mechanics to today’s modern technology so we can truly appreciate how far in time we’ve come, no pun intended.

Since their introduction, anyone who owned a pocket watch also owned the high status and luxury that came attached to them. Just how in today’s society one’s social status is defined by the wristwatch they can afford to wear, pocket watches played this role when first introduced in the 16th century. While these first pocket watches were weirdly shaped and cube-like, the wealthy longed for them simply because they wanted a handy timekeeping contraption.

Pocket watches didn’t begin to look actually visually appealing with intriguing designs and complications until about a hundred years after the release of the first one ever. Cool features such as alarm complications, sub-second dials, and date windows were incorporated. Later,

movements of different jewels and calibers were created helping new watches maintain their longevity.

Here at Gray and Sons Jewelers, our expert watchmakers carry over 150 years of combined wealth of knowledge to help all understand the beauty and intricacy of these once vital components of the watch industry.

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At Gray and Sons Jewelers, the watchmakers and staff appreciate every opportunity they get to work on any vintage timepiece that wants to get returned to pristine condition. It’s our specialty to repair pocket watch. Today’s spotlight is on the vintage Tiffany & Co. Minute Repeater a client brought in to be repaired. The initial problem the client came across was that the minute-repeater alarm function was not working and the watch kept losing more and more time. Lucky for the client, this pocket watch was right up our watchmaker’s alley of expertise.

Repairing A Vintage Tiffany & Co. Pocket Watch Repeater Back To Life
Overhaul & Detailing Pocket Watch Repair Project by Gray and Sons Jewelers

To start it off, the process began with our master watchmaker meticulously taking apart the pocket watch by removing the movement from the case. With the movement outside of the container, the movement is then taken apart piece by piece while the case is given to our head polisher for cleaning and detailing.

As the watchmaker is taking apart the movement, he is carefully analyzing each pin, screw, wheel, and part for corrosion or if replacement is necessary. This part is vital in assuring clients the service we provide is not only optimal but long lasting.

In this particular case, our watchmaker found that the hairspring inside the movement had broken so though the client would wind his watch, the gears were only winding for a short period of time before they’d stop.

The hairspring inside a watch is what gives the balance wheel the ability to oscillate with a consistent frequency while the timepiece runs. This controls the velocity at which the wheels on the pocket watch turn, thus affecting the rate at which the watch hands spin around the dial.

Once all the parts that needed replacing were identified, the movement goes through a cleaning process using 6 different cleaning solutions and highgrade machinery. During the process, old coagulated oil is dissolved and components are cleaned and returned to their original clean state.

While this is being done, our head polisher is buffing out any deep scratches or dents on the watch’s outter case. Once both the watch case and movement have been cleaned, our watchmaker re-lubricates and re-pieces the movement back together to be re-cased.

After we repair Tiffany Watch, the timepiece is finally running and looking like-new; but our service doesn’t end here! Although the pocket watch is technically in working condition, we at Gray and Sons still complete a mandatory quality control process to every watch undergoing a repair to assure the timepiece not only leaves in working order, but stays that way. Movement is then tested for timing accuracy and amplitude to ensure all proper adjustments were made during the reassemble process.

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No other than a highly skilled professional swiss specialist watchmaker like our very own could have saved this watch. With watch parts so small they require special glasses to see, only the most qualified can properly handle these components. At times the end result for some of these pocket watches is to get them to keep time as accurately as possible. Gray and Sons is proud to be your choice for all pocket watch services and repairs to return your timepiece to its original working condition.

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#1 Tiffany & Co. Pocket Watch Independent Service Center
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