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Bvlgari began in 1884, Founded by Sotirio Buglari who opened his first shop in Via Sistina in Rome Italy. Aided by his two sons, Bulgari quickly became a symbol of success and luxury to the aristocracy. Bvlgari incorporated precious stones and metals into their earliest productions, focusing on quality and craftsmanship. In the 1940’s Bvlgari introduced their first timepieces, showing the world they meant to influence not only the worlds finest jewelry, but horology as well. The Snake Watch became a mainstay in Jewel-watches. Bvlgari continues to set trends in the world of fashion watches with beautiful designs like Assioma, Diagono, Serpenti and so many more. Most Bulgari timepieces are made up of around 200 individual parts including stones, Which makes this a brand requiring the highest level of watchmaking acumin. We service, polish and detail all models of Bvlgari in our service center.

Gray & Sons Jewelers independent watch service center loves to repair Bvlgari watches. Bvlgari has been producing watches since the 1970’s and Gray & Sons Jewelers has been fixing fine luxury watches for almost 40 years in the Miami Beach area. Bvlgari watch repair is a specialty of Gray & Sons Jewelers, where Swiss-trained and Swiss-educated watchmakers do Bulgari repair and polishing using original parts and tools whenever possible. Bvlgari watches are high-precision, finely-tuned timepieces. Because of this, they require regular maintenance and service to keep them running properly, and looking spectacular.

Gray & Sons’ team of watchmakers share over 150 years of combined experience to disassemble, clean and reassemble all of those many tiny screws, wheels, gears and plates that make up a Bvlgari watch movement. We can add or remove Bulgari watch links to adjust and size your original bracelet to fit your wrist properly. We use the best equipment, tools, and technology to make sure your Bvlgari watch is running like the day it left the factory in Switzerland. We can also take care of all those cosmetic fixes to make sure your watch looks great again including polishing, cleaning, and crystal replacement. You will have your finished watch back on your wrist and reminding you of why Bvlgari watches are among the world’s finest.

Bvlgari Watch Repair Models



Diagono Chronograph

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Bvlgari Watch Repair Miami

We have seven Swiss-trained Master Watchmakers and Jewelers with over 150 years combined experience to perform all watch repair services, including:

watch Basic Maintenance

Basic Maintenance

watch Battery Replacement

Battery Replacement

watch Dent Repair

Dent Repair

Watch Crystal Replacement

Crystal Replacement

watch Crown Replacement

Crown Replacement

watch Water Proofing checking

Water Proofing

watch Strap & Bracelet Repair/Rebuilding/Replacement

Strap & Bracelet Repair/Rebuilding/Replacement

Watch Polishing/Detailing to “New

Watch Polishing/Detailing to “New"

Complete Overhaul of the watch

Complete Overhaul


Our Bvlgari Watch Repair Process

Every one of our Bvlgari watches we take in has been meticulously restored to perfection by our Bvlgari watch repair specialists, to ensure years of faithful service with normal care and maintenance. First, each Bvlgari watch goes through our rigorous 86-step inspection and restoration process. After being fully restored, all Bvlgari watch cases and bracelets are finely polished to remove any surface scratches and to restore each piece to its original luster. When a Bvlgari watch leaves Gray & Sons (whether the watch is 5, 10, 20 or even 50 years old) it is in pristine condition.

 Bvlgari Watch Repair
 Bvlgari Watch Repair
 Bvlgari Watch Repair

Request pre-labeled Easy Ship Box and mail in your item to repair.

Request an Easy Ship Box
Once you receive the box and send your watch, one of our Master Watchmakers will evaluate it and contact you with a free estimate. If you approve of the estimate we will proceed with the repair, which generally takes 2-3 weeks.
If you wish to repair at a different time we will ship the watch back to you at no cost to you.