Crystal replacement for Rolex, Cartier, Patek Philippe and Franck Muller

"Gray & Sons offers a variety of services performed by our Swiss-trained master watchmakers. This allows us to provide services much faster than attempting to service your timepiece directly with the manufacturer. You will generally save a lot of money since a short crystal repair is a fraction of what a complete overhaul service may be required when you take the watch to your authorized dealer.

Broken crystal Franck Muller crystal replacement

As an example to many crystal replacement we do, today we will walk through the steps of a sapphire crystal replacement on a Franck Muller. A short while ago, our long time client cracked the Sapphire crystal on his Master Banker 5850. Luckily for him, not only our master watchmakers are trained to solve this kind of issues but also Gray and Sons is equipped with an extensive inventory of original parts, and Swiss equivalents. Having more than one million dollars in Swiss parts and equipment, we are able to provide our clients with services much faster than the manufacturers themselves and most repair shops around the USA. This service applies to Franck Muller and many more. We do custom crystal cutting and Swiss sapphire, mineral or plastic replacement to make it look like factory original for other brands including but not limited to Rolex, Cartier and Patek Philippe.

Broken crystal Franck Muller in parts

Here are 6 steps involved in the process of removing and replacing a cracked crystal.

  1. The master watchmaker removes the movement of the watch carefully so that nothing is damaged during the crystal replacement process. Every part is carefully stored and the watchmaker is left with the case only (the case holds the crystal)
  2. The crystal is removed from the case. Inspected under a loupe the watchmaker removes all pieces, even shards the size of a needle tip. Nothing can be left behind since it would create problems when installing the new crystal.
  3. After all the broken crystal and old glue residue is removed from the case, it is now moved to our ultrasonic cleaner. During this process the case undergoes a series of powerful vibrations which help all contaminants attached to the case be removed from it. After the ultrasonic cleaner, the case is put through high pressure steam which removes all excess water from it. Finally the case is dried under a heat lamp. This helps evaporate all moisture leaving no wet spots on the case.
  4. Now, the master watchmaker carefully and with lots of precision attaches the new Sapphire crystal to the case of this Franck Muller, and may use a variety of waterproofing adhesives and ultra-violet light to ensure proper sealing.
  5. Following crystal attachment, the watchmaker performs a thorough inspection. He then closes the case and places it in our waterproofing machine. This sort of equipments allows the watchmaker to check for leaks. We want to make sure that no water will be entering the case once the movement is installed back into it.
  6. After the case passes water resistance, the watchmaker assembles the watch back together. The watch is then quality controlled for water resistance and timekeeping. Once all tests are completed he finally attaches the bracelet and the watch is finished and ready to be returned to our client.
Fixed crystal Franck Muller crystal replacement

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