Dubey & Schaldenbrand Watch Repair

Dubey & Schaldenbrand Watch Repair

Cracked Crystal Replacement

In the time we’ve been in the industry of buying, selling, trading, and refurbishing swiss luxury watches, we’ve come to appreciate the beauty and attention to detail in Dubey and Schaldenbrand watches. One of their most precious assets is The Limited Edition Aerodyn Venus, the watch we will be speaking about today.

Before going into the repair, let us give you some insight into the specialty that is this timepiece. It is already known that Dubey & Schaldenbrand (D&S for short) is an oddball in the luxury watch world.

Being the only Swiss watch company run by a woman in the modern age dominated by men comes with its praise. Cinette Robert has been the owner of D&S since 1995 and has earned her respect as a true visionary.

While the rest of the world was stressing the Japanese Quartz Invasion, Robert began investing in old mechanical watch movements. While most people thought these movements would never regain the value they once held, Robert knew she was making a smart move.

A little bit about history

By the mid-late 1990s, Robert had acquired over six thousand vintage watch movements and the rights to Dubey and Schaldenbrand; a recognized watch company to market them under.

The watch we speak about today was inspired from these vintage watch movements Robert collected. Many of these vintage watches that were designed between the 1930s-1940s held unique case shapes.

These oddly shaped watches were invented while the world was transitioning from pocket watches to wrist watches, leading watchmakers to think outside the box on how to look ‘different’ from the rest. This is where Robert got the tonneau case shape from.

This timepiece is truly a stunning limited edition, we were honored to be able to work on such a piece. This watch holds a rare vintage mechanism inside the case that can only be found in this specialty of modern watches.

Due to the low supply available, only a very limited amount of stock was able to be produced. The Aerodyn Venus only had 30 gold pieces and 52 stainless pieces in its collection.

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The watch repair we will speak on came from a customer whose watch stopped running when he dropped his watch and cracked the crystal. The watch was no longer keeping time and the water-resistance of this watch had been compromised.

Every watch that comes into Gray and Sons Jewelers for repair will automatically receive a 12-month warranty once received by the customer post-repair.

First things first, we open the case back of the watch and look for any rusted or damaged parts that need replacing. In this case, the movement just needed cleaning and re-lubricating. We went ahead and ordered a new crystal for this watch since the current one was cracked.

Once we’ve diagnosed the problem on the watch and know what extra parts are needed, our watchmaker takes apart the watch piece by piece and prepares it for cleaning.

Cracked Crystal Replacement

The movement, crystal, and watch stem are separated from the head and bracelet. The case and bracelet are given to our head polisher while our watchmakers begin working on the movement. Piece by piece, our watchmaker begins dismantling the watch’s mechanism evaluating every piece.

Once the watch parts that need replacing are identified, our watchmaker prepares the standing parts to be cleaned and sources the parts that need to be replaced. We use six different cleaning solutions in an ultrasonic machine to make sure all dirt, dust, and dried oils are extracted from every crevice within the watch parts.

Once the watch parts are cleaned, the watchmaker starts to reassemble the movement while adding lubricants wherever designated and replacing all the gaskets for water resistance. This tedious process usually takes around 1 to 2 hours per watch! Of course, assuming the watchmaker isn’t interrupted and all parts continue functioning.

Since the scratches on the outer case were so minimal, we only had our polisher give this watch a cleaning session in our ultrasonic machine and a light polish.

Once our watchmaker puts together the movement and re-cases the watch, it's time for the final steps of our repair process. Prior to returning the client their watch, we must execute a final quality control process to assure the watch is running as accurately as possible.

In this quality control, we measure the watch’s amplitude using special machines that listen to the heartbeat of the watch. We also test the watch’s water resistance with a machine that simulates a deep plunge using air pressure to check for leaks.

Watch repair? Only with Gray and Sons

We also check that all complications are functioning fully; in this case the hour, minute, and second-hand accuracy. If both amplitude and water tests come out well, the watch gets put on our winding wheel for observation where it rotates and mimics the movement of the wrist.

With this machine, we can analyze the power reserve on the watch and make sure the automatic is providing power up to par throughout the day. Our entire repair process usually takes around 3 to 6 weeks total.

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