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Bringing Ebel Lichine Chronograph back to life

Below you have a disassembled movement of a beautiful Ebel Lichine watch. This is a timepiece from the 1990s and we have brought it back to life. See all the repair details below!

Ebel Watch Repair - Gray and Sons

Ebel Lichine Chrono disassembled

Model: 8964980

Serial number: 84100858

Movement: Automatic

Case size: 37mm

Case metal: 18k

Dial style: Roman numerals

Dial color: Black

Band style: Link

Band metal: 18k

Band width:19mm x 19mm

Lug to lug length: 41mm

Buckle style: hidden

Buckle metal: 18k

Features: Power reserve

Expert Swiss Trained Watchmakers Making It Happen

Gray and Sons has a team of highly trained professional watchmakers that specialize in Swiss Made timepieces. Collectively we have over 150 years of experience in the watchmaking industry which has kept us in business for over 40 years.

Ebel Watch Company in History

Ebel was founded in 1911 by Eugene Blum and Elise Blum in La Chaux-de-Fonds. Eugene’s son took over managing the company almost twenty years later. He expanded the company’s market to many other countries including the US. Eventually, the company was sold to Movado.

Elvis Presley gifted a unique Ebel watch in 14k yellow gold with twenty-six round diamonds on the bezel to J.D. Summer

Bringing Ebel Lichine Chronograph back to life

Ebel in 18k with 6.5 carats in round diamonds

Finding Gray and Sons

Patricia realized her watch had stopped at the beginning of her summer vacation in Miami. She began searching for her nearest swiss watch repair and came into the store. She brought us her beautiful Ebel watch for a change of battery but it turned out to be an automatic watch. Our specialists said she had over-wound her crown and the mainspring was damaged.

Our sales associate proceeded to take in the repair and help our dear Patricia get her watch working again during her stay in Miami. We document all the watch’s information, including the model, serial number, and any remarks the watch may have. It was actually engraved with her grandmother’s name and was passed down to her mother and then to Patricia ultimately.

Her only concern was that the watch would be in working condition and she would be able to wear it again. Apart from being a family heirloom, it had deep sentimental value to her.

Repair Process by our Gray & Sons Swiss Watchmakers

Our matchmaker specialists proceed to inspect the timepiece and diagnose which parts are damaged or no longer functional. To begin the overhaul process, the watch is completely disassembled to its bare components such as wheels and barrels. He then put the remaining parts in different baskets according to their size in different baskets that will go through a cleaning process. The case is handed to our master jeweler to clean through an ultrasonic solution and give it the original factory polish.

These pieces are put through an ultrasonic cleaning process that consists of three different chemicals that help break through all the built-up debris stuck on the parts. In the meantime, our expert watchmaker sources the necessary parts that were discarded because they were no longer usable.

He took the baskets out of the ultrasonic watch cleaning machine and laid them out to be assembled along with the new parts. The gaskets and mainspring were changed and the movement was re-oiled. The watch’s amplitude was adjusted until it was up to swiss standards until our master watchmakers get it right. Our master watchmaker will reassemble the watch and pass it along to the repair manager to oversee the testing of the watch.

The testing phase is a minimum ten-day testing face in which the watch is put on a winding wheel which will simulate Patricia’s wrist movement that automatically winds her watch. The repair manager will also check for water resistance. At last another successful repair.

Gray and Sons - Best Repair Center in the United States

A Gray and Sons representative gave Patricia a call and let her know her family heirloom was ready to be picked up. The watch was running at an amplitude of 380 losing only one second a day. For swiss standards, it was in excellent condition.

The watch now had a 12 month warranty at Gray and Sons which means if the watch ever stops working Patricia could bring it back to us or send it from new york with our easy shipping box system.

Expert Swiss Trained Watchmakers Making It Happen

Ebel watch renewed