Top Rated Bracelet Repair Specialists - Safety First For Your Watch

Sport or Dress's timepieces need to be securely hugging your wrist.

Rolex, Cartier, Patek Philippe, Audemars Piguet, Vacheron Constantin, and all high-end luxury Swiss timepieces need to have strong bracelets holding to your wrist.

Not only for comfort while wearing it. You need to move, live and play knowing that it will not get lost.

The bracelet of a watch is professionally designed to comfortably fit your wrist, move along with your arm, and in that way wind the movement. It complements the design of the head of the watch and many times it improves the overall look of the timepiece.

There are almost as many bracelets as there are watches. Every manufacturer has its own design and tries to create a special image that will attract its niche customers.

Sometimes they are just gorgeous, other times very attractive, many times just go unnoticed but the most important aspect of a bracelet is that it should make wearing your watch comfortable, safe and provide peace of mind to the bearer.

It does not matter how good the bracelet looks if it is not protecting the watch you own and by that we mean, that it does not open while wearing it, or that the links are strong enough not to break.

Your watch, like any mechanical instrument, needs to be serviced and taken care of every so often, even more, if you do not wear the watch frequently or if you use it every single day and night.

Most high-end watch manufacturers like Patek Philippe, Rolex, Breguet, Vacheron Constantin, and many others recommend that you service, lubricate and clean the mechanical movement of your timepiece every 4 to 5 years to keep it working in perfect shape, lubricated and clean to avoid damaging the many parts that work together in perfect symphony keeping accurate time.

And you should not overlook the bracelet while you are servicing your timepiece. You can polish and detail the band and the head of the watch, and you have to especially pay attention to the top links, the individual links, and the buckle.   If a watch is over 20 years old, if you have worn it every day or if you have played sports while using it, chances are that your links are stretched and your head links and buckle could have been damaged.

It is very important that you check the condition of the bracelet often and make sure it is safe to wear it. We have had one too many cases of watches coming for repair after they are drop from the wrist, even some that were run over by a car after falling to the floor.

An inspection by one of our Swiss-trained, very qualified watchmakers will give you the best advice in regards to how to handle the repair, protect your watch, and keep it looking brand new.

We have a team of jewelers and polishers that specialize in reconstructing and rebuilding stretched and worn-out bracelets. We are one of the very few that can bring new life to a worn bracelet, be it a Rolex, or a Patek Philippe, or a vintage timepiece, we can help you get that watch ready to be enjoyed again.

It is a very intense and time-consuming job, we work on every link adding gold, changing pins, repairing links and head links, repairing or remaking rivets in many instances, rebuilding worn-out buckles.

Before Gray and Sons Repair.
Safety First for your watch
After Gray and Sons Repair.

When we are finished, we will send you back a stronger bracelet and a watch that is ready to be enjoyed it every day again. We bring a new breath of life to your bracelet. complementing the overhaul of the movement that we do while the bracelet is repaired/rebuilt.

Before Gray and Sons Repair
After Gray and Sons Repair.
Safety First for your watch

Vintage gold bracelet before Gray and Sons

Sport or Dress's timepieces need to be securely hugging your wrist.
Safety First for your watch
Sport or Dress's timepieces need to be securely hugging your wrist.

 Vintage gold bracelet after Gray and Sons

Safety First for your watch
Sport or Dress's timepieces need to be securely hugging your wrist.
Safety First for your watch

Frog into a prince!

In many cases, bracelets that the manufacturer did not care or wanted to repair and then offered as the only solution the replacement of the old bracelet can be repaired at a fraction of the cost. Pictures tell more than a thousand words and the pictures that follow will clearly tell the story of a frog turning into a Prince.

 Vintage gold bracelet before Gray and Sons

Sport or Dress's timepieces need to be securely hugging your wrist.
Safety First for your watch
Sport or Dress's timepieces need to be securely hugging your wrist.

Vintage gold bracelet after Gray and Sons

Safety First for your watch
Sport or Dress's timepieces need to be securely hugging your wrist.
Safety First for your watch

Many service centers can offer partial repairs with different levels of quality and craftsmanship but most will not offer the possibility of a complete professional overhaul: servicing the movement, polishing the head, repairing the bracelet, refinishing the dial, making sure the timepiece looks and works like new again.

We can rebuild and restore bracelets to almost their original beauty. Painstaking work, almost an art with long hours of work and experience that allow us to do this job at a great level of quality and customer satisfaction.

This is no small task. We have a long history of 40+ years doing what people will consider in many cases an impossible mission: repairing, restoring, rebuilding antique and modern watches, pocket watches, and vintage timepieces.

Our 6 Swiss-trained master watchmakers and our in-house jewelers can service and overhaul the movement and completely change the look of your high-end luxury timepiece.

Polishing and detailing bracelet and head, replacing the crystal, and even refinish the dial to give you back the dream watch that you want to have or bring back the vintage beauty long lost.

We can give new life to your family heirloom, creating a tradition of a perfect gift for generations to treasure.

How Gray and Sons can take care of your Watch’s Bracelet? 

Our 40+ years of experience is second to none and we have customers coming from the four corners of the world to use our professional services.

Rebuilding your Rolex bracelet, restoring your old Patek Philippe, or repairing your worn-out Vacheron bracelet is a job we do every day.

Refinishing or restoring a damaged luxury watch Swiss bracelet is, of course, much more complicated than what it seems.

We use the same quality real gold to repair and reinforce the links. We manufacture pins and screws that are no longer available, we repair broken pieces and buckles to make them strong again and wearable every day.

Our bracelet repair team will rebuild, restore and refinish stretched gold, two-tone and stainless steel bracelets.

We work link by link to repair each piece and make the bracelet look almost like new again. A long and delicate process that gives an almost new-looking end result.

We have the experience and knowledge to custom make parts that are no longer available and rebuild movements back to their old glory days.

Our watchmakers have the knowledge to do incredible tasks and bring smiles to our customers.


After all, what’s good about having a beautiful watch if you are afraid to wear it and lose it? Count on us to make it safe again.

Why is Gray and Sons the best place to entrust your luxury watch?

Rest assured that our 40+ years of experience and tens of thousands of repairs have allowed us to say without a doubt, that we are the most complete and customer-oriented high-end luxury watch repair shop in the US.

- We are world-renowned experts in restoring antique and vintage watches.

- We have six in-house Swiss-trained master watchmakers with over 150 years of combined experience.

- We have in-house jewelers and polishers with the expertise to polish, refinish, and detail timepieces to the correct manufacturer’s specifications.

- We can rebuild stretched, broken bracelets to almost their original quality, even manufacturing missing/broken parts

- We are specialists in restoring dials, most commonly referred to as dial refinish.

- We can do complete overhauls of movements.

- We can replace crystals, gaskets, and water test watches to avoid water damage.

- We have all the machinery, tools, instruments, knowledge, and ingenuity to do unimaginable jobs.

- We have a multimillion inventory of original parts available to our watchmakers to do any service required for most major High-End luxury watches.

- We can even manufacture parts for antique and vintage watches and pocket watches that are no longer available.

- We also offer in-house jewelry repairs for antique or modern pieces.

- No job is too small or too large for our expert watchmakers and jewelers.

- We are a team of experts working together to accomplish your total satisfaction.

- We offer very competitive pricing and quick repair times.

In many instances, timepieces that the manufacturer is unable or unwilling to repair, or with repair costs very similar to the cost of replacing the watch come to our shop to get a second opinion and it is a great pleasure for us to look at the surprised faces of our customers when we tell them that we can fix their watch and we will do it in a fraction of the time and cost that they had expected.

Have a second opinion, check with us and you will be surprised to see how good our repair jobs are and how much quicker we can give you your watch back, with a full 12 months warranty on our repair and customer-centered service.

Try us with your Audemars Piguet, Piaget, Hublot, Omega, Zenith, Franck Muller or Corum too. We make it efficient and simple, you will enjoy the experience of dealing with Gray and Sons Jewelers.

Using the vast experience that we have gained through restoring, servicing, repairing, and rebuilding tens of thousands of timepieces for such a long time, our team expertise is second to none, we love what we do, and we consider our customers as extended family.

If you have a watch that is not working as it once did, send it to us. You will be amazed at your “as new looking” watch.

We work on all high-end luxury watches and pocket watches.

From a crystal replacement or a battery to a complete service and overhaul, we are ready and able to help you save time and money.

Our Miami Beach showroom is located across from the world-renowned Bal Harbor Shops.

If you are ever in the area please stop by, we would love to meet you in person and show you our boutique store and multimillion Dollar inventory of Patek Philippe, Rolex, Cartier, Panerai, Bulgari, Piaget, Richard Mille, Franck Muller, Audemars Piaget, Omega, Breitling, JLC and many many more.

You can also visit our website with up-to-date watches and state jewelry for sale. We also buy new watches every day, so visit us often to have a first look at our new arrivals.

Or you can request our free monthly catalog that can give you a clear idea of these market trends, price comparison and it is a great reading material to start a new watch collection, improve what you have, or buy the gift that you are looking for.

Keep in mind that we buy, sell, and trade-in new items every day.

We offer the best prices on watches and jewelry as well as silver sets, flatware, and gold coins.

Nobody beats our prices as we buy, restore and repair to resell to end-users, as we have been doing it successfully for the last 40+ years.

We are a family-owned and operated business and we count on our customers to recommend us to their friends.

We will exceed your expectations.

Gray and Sons Jewelers will bring back the beauty of a modern, antique, or vintage look to your watch and make it work as a watch should.