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As one of the leading forefronts in Swiss made precision, Zenith manufactures some of the most accurate timepieces of all luxury watch brands. What’s even more impressive is that they manage this feat while still producing all their own movements in-house, which not many brands do today. They have 1,565 1st place precision awards to date, and that number continues to grow. With such a high level of dedication to mechanics, its equally impressive that Zenith watches remain visually stunning. Some of their most breathtaking pieces incorporate a design where the movement is partially visible through the dial, leaving way for the beauty of their sophisticated complications to leave you in awe. With a commitment to ingenuity and an intrepid approach to remarkable design, its no wonder Zenith watches are desired by even the most stringent watch enthusiasts.

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As a company with a strong interest in the highest quality timepieces, Gray & Sons only provides Zenith watches in immaculate condition. As one of the largest online resources for certified authentic pre-owned Zenith watches, we serve as a trusted one-stop source for all your luxury good needs. Our collection of lightly used Zenith watches has been restored as necessary to a like new condition, thanks in large part to our in-house professionally Swiss trained watchmakers. We include a 12-month warranty on all purchases along with our signature “Like New for Life” policy. We guarantee you will never look at a secondhand Zenith watch the same again.

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